The 5 Healthiest Types of Wine

The 5 Healthiest Types of Wine

If you’re a wine connoisseur, you’ve likely raised a glass to the reports that drinking the good stuff is good for you.

Research shows that even moderate wine drinkers are leaner, exercise more, and intake more antioxidants.

There are certain types of wines that are better in this sense. These are the top 5, in order, wines based on health protection – and why moderation is key, regardless of what your choice is.

1. Dry reds

The healthiest of wines, ruby red wines have more antioxidants than any other variety. This is due to the grape skins being a part of the fermentation process, adding more antioxidants, like procyanidins, which have been linked to health benefits including heart disease protection, and possibly longevity.

2. Orange wines

After red comes orange, and it’s the same when it comes to wine.

Described as ‘white wine made like red’, the grape skins are removed after the grapes are pressed, though the skins remain in contact with the juice (for anywhere from one week to one year), which results in wine with an orange hue.  Along with the colour, the skins impart a whole heap of must-have antioxidants.


3. Rosé

Rosé is made with the same red wine grapes, though the grape skin association time is much shorter than the previous two wines. To compare, red wine stays in contact for one or two months; for rosé, it’s just two to 20 hours. Obviously, less contact time means less antioxidants.

4. Dry whites

In white wine production there is no “skin contact” time, which means phytonutrients from the skin don’t make their way into the wine. White wine certainly isn’t terrible for you, but it’s definitely missing the stronger health properties abundant in its colourful counterparts.

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5. Sweet whites

Sweet white wines differ from dry simply due to the sugar content.

A five-ounce glass of Moscato contains 21 grams of carb, with 13 being sugar. That same portion in a chardonnay only has three grams of carb, with just one as sugar. Consider this type of wine as more of a dessert, meaning enjoy them as an occasional treat.

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