Here’s How the Professionals Stay Safe When Lighting Fireworks

Here’s How the Professionals Stay Safe When Lighting Fireworks

So, a relative of mine has a funny story about fireworks. Well, it’s only funny if it didn’t involve your own hair.

It goes like this: his father was lighting fireworks for the kids one year, at a celebration. The man accidentally set one off in his hand, and it flew right through the thick, puffy hair of a woman at the party, who had her back turned to the events.

This poor woman never noticed a thing, and thankfully her hair didn’t light on fire completely. But it did get a bit singed on the ends. And she kept noting that “something smelled like smoke” as the night progressed, only to have my relative’s father look at her in dismay and shrug his shoulders as if he had no idea what it could be.

Yes, it sounds like a scene from a cheap comedy. Accidents involving fireworks happen each year though, and they can be fatal.

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What steps can you take to stay safe? The National Council on Fireworks Safety has some great ideas. First of all, obey your local laws and always read the labels.

(This sounds straightforward, but it can keep you out of hot water, so to speak). And as tempting as it may be, never give fireworks to the kids. They aren’t toys, and they can literally take your face off.

Feel like having a margarita or two? Save it for after the show. You want a clear head when lighting these things. And wear safety glasses:they might look strange but you’ll have both of your eyes for next year. Yay!

Finally, always light fireworks outdoors, one at a time and never relight “duds”. (And don’t do it in your hands, in the direction of your guests!)

Have a bucket of water on hand just in case, and a working hose nearby. Don’t try to make your own, homemade, show and dispose of your used sticks by wetting them down and putting them in a metal trash can away from any buildings or combustibles.

Most importantly, remember to have fun. The show must go on, and these things were meant to blast- just not into anyone’s mass of curly hairspray, right?

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