5 Best Ways to Treat Infertility

5 Best Ways to Treat Infertility

If you aren’t sleeping enough and stressed out, it could be preventing you from conceiving.

Trying and trying to get pregnant, with no positive results, can be an emotional roller coaster. It’s taxing and something that’s hard to share with others, especially those who already have kids hanging off their shoulders, laughing (or screaming) in the background.

For some, there is a specific medical reason that’s preventing conception from happening.

Chronic medical illness, ovulation problems and extremely brief menstrual periods are just a few.

Professional intervention could be necessary. It’s always advised that you talk with your doctor about your struggles, to begin forging a path towards a possible solution.

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But what can you do on your own to improve your odds?

If you’re overweight, experts advise losing those pounds. It increases your overall health and improves your chances of conceiving.

If you’re prone to over-exercising, or suffering from an eating disorder, you could have the opposite problem. Your body fat could be too low. Get help for your eating issues first, and cut back on trips to the gym, even if they’re tempting. Think of your overall goal and how it can better your health.

And then there are drugs and alcohol. These aren’t helping to create a healthy environment for your potential baby. Cutting these out is a great first step.

What about stress? Being able to take a breather and keep things in perspective is great for your mind and body. It can actually have a tremendous effect on your health. In fact, it was found in one study that women with the highest amount of stress hormones in their body actually had a 29% lower chance of getting pregnant, compared with those who had the lowest amounts. Treat yourself to the spa, and consider changing jobs if the daily brunt is too much.

And last but not least, make sure you get enough sleep, and often. A lack of adequate rest can mess up your hormones. Get them back on track by hitting the sack. Bring on the babies!

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