5 Amazing Christmas Miracles That Are Almost Too Good to be True

5 Amazing Christmas Miracles That Are Almost Too Good to be True

Christmas miracles seem like something removed from everyday life-but here are five straight out of the ordinary, to inspire and give hope. Whether each story happened exactly as told remains to be seen. What they do show is that sometimes, miracles may happen. Hard to believe!

1) Everyone Survives Oklahoma’s Giant Christmas Crash of 2012



It was a winter accident to remember. On December 25th, Christmas day 2012, a deadly combination of freezing rain and dangerous driving resulted in a 21-car pile up just outside of Oklahoma City. Local news stations called it a ‘major’ accident, with cars facing all directions and truck jack-knifed off the road. But the amazing thing about this crash was that, even with the number of vehicles involved, there were no serious injuries. Everyone walked away from the disaster with nothing but a few bumps and bruises.

2) Sounds Like Fiction: A Paralyzed Boy With No Spine Walks Again



This one hails from 2008. Marko Dutschak, a seven-year old boy with a cyst in his back, had lost his ability to walk, suffering from a crushed spine due to his illness. Doctors were convinced he’d never walk again-not only did their patient have a spine injury, but no one with the same ailment had ever managed to overcome it. But about a week before Christmas, Marko did the unbelievable-something that no one has ever done since. He got up and went for a walk. Just like that.

3) A Woman Spends 3 Days Buried in Canadian Snow and Survives


During a snowstorm in Ontario, Canada, Donna Molnar, a 55-year old mother, set out on short drive to her local store for some baking supplies. But she never came back to her family. The heavy snowfall buried her SUV in a nearby field. As the storm got worse and she didn’t return by dinnertime, her husband sent out the alarm. Search parties found her using a search dog a total of 72 hours later, suffering from frost bite and hypothermia, but alive, buried in 2 ½ feet of snow.

4) Mom Dies Giving Birth and Baby is Stillborn but Both Survive



Tracy Hermanstorfer of Colorado went into labor on Christmas Eve of 2009. Instead of going through her breathing exercises and giving birth to her baby at the hospital, though, her body stopped breathing and she became unresponsive. Her baby was taken out at the hospital, stillborn, in a double tragedy. But then, in a miraculous turn of fate, her baby was resuscitated, and after four minutes of lying dead, Tracy began to breathe again, giving her new family some moments they will never forget.

5) A Couple Changes a Tire in the Desert and Saves a Baby in a Box



This amazing story happened all the way back in 1931. Ed and Julia Stewart were driving home on Christmas Eve through the Arizona dessert when they got a flat tire. They pulled off the road to change it and Julia wandered off, only to find an abandoned baby girl lying in a box on the ground. They took her home and she was later adopted by a caring couple who named her Sharon. Sharon grew up to work in the aerospace industry, Two strikes of amazing.


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