5 Alternatives to Get More Almonds into Your Diet

5 Alternatives to Get More Almonds into Your Diet

With inimitable benefits to the human heart, everyone could use a little more almonds in their lives.

But compared to other snacks, the taste of almonds may be somewhat bland, which is why we’ll share five ways to make almonds a more appealing snack.

Coffee creamer – Regular coffee creamer is a surprising source of fat, making almond creamer an excellent alternative to cut calories from your morning beverage. Compared to heavy coffee creamers, almond creamers are pure dairy – and gluten-free – making it that much healthier for you.

Protein-packed snacks – You a fan of crackers and cheese? Well, almonds too have a place amongst this wombo-combo. Almond pulp or almond meal can both be used to make fiber-rich crackers. Almond-based energy balls are another good snack on the go, which you can make with a combo of almonds, dates, and maca.

Homemade almond butter in a wooden bowl and a bag of jute.

Almond meal and butter – These two almond-rich foods can be added to other dishes for a boost to your health (and your tastebuds); they’re a welcome addition to your morning oats, soups, and stews. Or, add them to your smoothies or gluten-free bread to increase your fiber and protein intake.

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Exfoliating agent – Who says almonds need to be eaten for you to enjoy their benefits? Ground almonds and almond meal act as exfoliants that can efficiently eliminate dead skin. Plus, almond’s high vitamin E content is a boon to skin health, too. Almond meal can be mixed with honey and jojoba oil to make an inexpensive, healthy, and natural exfoliant. Simply apply the mixture to your skin, and let it sit for a few minutes before rinsing.

Skin treatment – Almonds not only get rid of dead skin, but they can revitalize it too. Almond oils can be used as a substitute for a number of regular body products: regular body oil, eye-makeup remover, and even a facial moisturizer.

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