4 Best Sweet and Savory Turkey Glazes

4 Best Sweet and Savory Turkey Glazes

It’s turkey time! It’s actually amazingly easy to cook a turkey once it’s in the oven, the trick is simply getting the timing spot-on. You can cook it with a simple salt-rub on the skin, basting it every so often as it cooks.

Adding a tasty glaze makes that crispy skin even better. What should you put in it? Check out these 4 tasty and easy turkey glazes.

1) Coca-Cola Glaze

Who said an ice-cold Coke is for drinking? This stuff is so packed with sugar, it does the job of glazing to a ‘T’. Add in butter and brown sugar for a thicker sauce as this recipe on TheKitchn.com suggests.

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2) Brown Sugar Glaze

Mmm…another sweet favorite. A straight brown sugar glaze gets very similar results compared with the Coke glaze. Check out this recipe on iamahoneybee.com and enjoy.

3) Salted Chipotle Glaze

If a salty, smoky flavor is more your style when it comes to poultry, Epicurious.com has a recipe for you. It calls for cumin, sea salt, smoked paprika, oregano and ground chipotle chili powder. A southwestern delight!

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4) Soy Sauce Glaze

The magic of soy sauce: there’s something about it that makes just about anything taste great. Food and wine.com has an amazing recipe that will make your mouth water that combines honey, sesame oil, soy sauce, ginger and more for an Asian twist to tradition.

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