3 Tips on How to Find the Right Travel Partner

3 Tips on How to Find the Right Travel Partner

Tell others about your travel dreams and join the right groups to find a partner that’s a match.

Travel can be an amazing way to refresh your mind and spirit. There’s nothing like a fresh ocean breeze, a never-ending vista of green trees on rolling hills, or your first glimpse of the Taj Mahal up close and in person, to remind you that the world can be wonderful place and that, most days, it’s still a good idea to get up in the morning, and have a strong cup of coffee.

But should you travel alone or with a partner? Some people thrive on the idea of discovering the unbeaten path on their own. You know the type- they would never dream of sharing their camel with another pair of legs, let alone an entire two weeks in the Middle East.

But some of us get lonely. We need to bounce our ideas off a sympathetic ear, and we want to share the experience of seeing an elephant pee in the street with someone else who might catch some part of the scene we never would have noticed by ourselves.

If you’re in a long term relationship and your partner’s up for joining you on your treks: problem solved. If you’re going solo in life right now though, or perhaps your partner just doesn’t feel like getting in the car or on the plane, you could be in the market for a travel partner.

How do you find one and where to look first? Check out these 3 tips.

1) Put the Word Out

Find the right travel partner by joining online groups and sharing your dreams with your circle of friends.

Maybe someone you already know in one of your social circles would be happy to accompany you on your travels, and is secretly itching to hit the road. Tell your friends of your dreams and see where it leads.

If you haven’t already bought your ticket or made solid plans, things could grow into something that’s different from your initial goal but equally fun.

2) Try an Online Site

It might sound wild a first, but online sites offer you the chance to find a travel partner with similar goals and interests. Websites like YourTravelMates.com and Travelcompanionexchange.com allow you to create a profile and surf through those of fellow would-be travelers to find someone that’s a “travel match”.

Some are geared towards finding a life mate through travel interests and are a bit like a dating site, but you can also sign up to simply find a solid travel companion. If you’re up for the challenge and fun at finding the unknown, you may want to try it out. Some sites have a fee, others operate for free.

3) Join a Meet Up

Find the right travel partner by joining online groups and sharing your dreams with your circle of friends.

Join a what? A meet up. Meet Ups are groups that are organized on the website Meet Up.com, and they allow people the world over to create and join social groups around a certain topic, in their area. You can find meet ups for volley ball, photography, chess, you name it, and even travel.

See if there’s a travel Meet Up in your area, check it out. You may find your globetrotting partner is just down the block.

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