These are 3 Thyroid Cancer Symptoms Women Should Be Aware Of

These are 3 Thyroid Cancer Symptoms Women Should Be Aware Of

Thyroid cancer can affect women at younger ages than you might think.

The standard patient is between ages 30 and 60, though many mistake cancer symptoms for something trivial, resulting in delayed treatments.

This year alone, 40,900 women in the US will be diagnosed with thyroid cancer; it’s the 5th most common cancer in women, and the most common in women ages 20-34.

Thyroid cancer symptoms start slowly and gradually worsen, so it’s vital to be aware of the symptoms in order to catch the condition immediately. Here are three symptoms you should recognize:

A Lump in Your Throat


The most popular symptom of thyroid cancer, a lump in the base of your neck means you should see your physician ASAP. They can run a diagnostic test and an ultrasound, though this alone is not usually enough to determine whether it’s a case of thyroid cancer or not.

Voice is hoarse or funny sounding

Since your thyroid gland sits under your voice box, a nodule pressing against it can cause a change in your voice that persists over an extended period of time. This is one of the more uncommon symptoms, but worth investigating if you have it.

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Difficulty Breathing, Swallowing

Those same thyroid nodules could also put pressure on your trachea, or windpipe, affecting your breathing. Similarly, your trachea is just above your esophagus, meaning thyroid cancer can also result in trouble swallowing. If you notice these two symptoms with consistency, consult your physician for tests.

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