3 Foods that Make Kids Taller

3 Foods that Make Kids Taller

It’s all about protein when it comes to reaching those heights.

Who doesn’t want to be tall? You’re the first picked for the basketball team, more likely to be a model and you’ll have an easier time getting ahead in the work world.

(OK, so these are superficial reasons but really, who would say ‘no’ to the gift of height?)

Few parents would wish their kids to be extremely short, and some new studies have shown that if it’s something you’re worried about, there could be some food out there to help you conquer your fears.

You’re not going to fight of genetics with these foods, but you may enhance what’s already there, naturally, by consuming them.

Here are 3 foods that could make your kid taller:

1) Eggs

Foods like eggs and cow's milk promote growth in children.

A recent report on BBC.com indicates that eating an egg a day can make young children grow taller. The findings apply to undernourished kids and are based on a six-month study completed in Ecuador.

Researchers found that in young children whose families have a difficult time providing a full diet at all times, eating an egg a day reduced stunted growth in the children by almost 50%.

The researchers believed the strong combination of nutrients that an egg contains makes it a powerful food for young children with small stomachs.

2) Cow’s Milk

Foods like eggs and cow's milk promote growth in children.

It might sound like something put out by the Dairy Farmers of America, but a recent study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has interesting findings.

Kids who drink cow’s milk are taller, on average, than those who drink an alternative milk, such as goat’s milk, soy milk or rice milk.

Why the difference? Researchers said they thought that kids who consume less non-dairy milk have less fat and dietary protein in their diets, which are two essential components needed for growth in early childhood. Drink up!

3) Protein in General

Foods like eggs and cow's milk promote growth in children.

Kids are growing bodies, and so getting enough protein is essentially to helping them reach their ultimate growth.

Meats, dairy foods, soy products, legumes, nuts and seeds are all foods kids need to develop. Pack in the protein and you’re doing them a favor.

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