3 Delicious Low-Fat Gravy Recipes

3 Delicious Low-Fat Gravy Recipes

These recipes help you cut down on the grease while keeping things tasty.

If you’re trying to keep trim this holiday season, gravy is a definite enemy. In its natural form, it’s laden with mouth-watering grease and a direct route towards downing calories you don’t want, even if it’s totally delish.

But gravy is so tasty that, at least for the salt-lovers out there, (we know who we are), it can be one of the hardest things to skip on the table.

The answer to this problem is drizzling it on, but keeping the fat to a minimum. Here are 3 recipes that do just that, but keep the taste. Check it out.

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1) Basic Fat Free Gravy

This recipe by genius kitchen advertises itself as being fat-free, but if you use real drippings

as your source of liquid, it isn’t actually. It does contain considerably fewer grams of fat compared with gravy that uses all the drippings without skimming off or separating the fat though, so it does get you a few steps ahead.

2) Fat-Free Golden Gravy

Cooking With Plants.com has an easy recipe for low-cal gravy made from vegetable stock, soy sauce, onion powder and brown rice flour.

3) Lightning Gravy

I’m not sure if the name of this recipe refers to the fact that it could help you weigh less, or the idea that you can make it pretty quickly. Nonetheless, it cuts down on calories. Find some corn starch, chicken bouillon and hot water, and you’ll have it nailed.

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