3 Best Ways to Avoid Getting Athlete’s Foot at the Pool

3 Best Ways to Avoid Getting Athlete’s Foot at the Pool

It can be hard to avoid completely, but precautionary measures can help.

Yay, swimming! Yuck… athletes foot.

Many people who frequent public gyms and pools have had this ailment, at least once. This common foot fungus is a contagious infection that affects the skin on your feet.

While it’s a minor condition, it can be very itchy and spread to your toenails and hands, causing discomfort. It’s so easy to get it in public areas where you might go barefoot because this irritating fungus thrives in warm, moist environments-public showers are a perfect environment.

If athlete’s foot is hanging around, it can be hard to avoid completely. There are some steps you can take to limit your exposure, however.

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It’s recommended that you wear flip flops in public showers and around swimming pools. Don’t share your footwear with others, and make sure that you wash your feet with soap, getting between your toes in every crevice. Also be sure to dry your feet thoroughly with a towel, to limit moisture.

Change your socks regularly, and if you feel it’s needed, apply antifungal foot powder to your feet everyday. This is a preventive measure that could keep the infection at bay, even if exposed.

And once you get home, air your feet out when you can by going barefoot, and you should be infection-free!

To avoid it altogether, hit the beach and let that marvelous sand exfoliate your epidermis ‘til the cows come home.

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