3 Award-Winning Blueberry Pie Recipes to Make Your Mouth Cry Out for More

3 Award-Winning Blueberry Pie Recipes to Make Your Mouth Cry Out for More

It’s blueberry month in the U.S and time to gobble up all that goodness in the best way possible.

Blueberries are amazing topped on ice cream, blended into a smoothie, or just on their own in a bowl. One the best, time-honored ways to enjoy this gift from nature though, is to pack them juicily into a pie.

Who has the best? It could be you. Check out this list of 3 award-winning blueberry pie recipes:

1) Mary Blenke’s Blueberry Pie

Mary is a retired postal worker from New England with a passion for wowing the judges via the perfect blueberry pie. Tips: use frozen berries, she says. They make a better pie than fresh ones.

She’s been winning contests for years, so listen to her. Her creation is described on newengland.com like this:

“It’s hard to wait for the pie to cool, but when it does, it’s juicy, not runny, the berries sweet (yet just a bit tart), the crust flaky and light: everything a blueberry pie should be.”

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2) Linda Kernan’s Open Top Pie

Tasteofhome.com feels that Linda’s pie is one of the best out there. It’s a blue berry pie without a top crust, that serves 8. If you’re hungry for some fruit, this is it.

3) Nancy Schatz’s Blueberry Pie

Nancy Schatz is Margaret Hathaway’s mother-in-law in Maine, and she knows something about making a good pie.

This recipe was include in the 2011 edition of Hathaway’s “Food Lovers’ Guide to Maine,” and will make your mouth water for more. Check it out.

Happy baking and enjoy every bite!

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