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In about 2009 ( forgot the exact year ), my wife needed her wisdom teeth extracted. Our primary dentist, Dr Irvani in Lake Forest ( CA ), recommended Dr Lee in that one tooth were near a nerve and sinus space. The 4-tooth extraction was accomplished quickly and painlessly. His Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA)performed the IV conscious sedation without any problems and was thorough in getting my wife's medical history which was important in that she [ wife ] has a neurological medical condition. Post-op f/u was excellent to check progress of pt. No post-op infection or other complications whatsoever. Rx'ed meds were adequate to handle the post-op discomfort. Granted, tooth extractions are no fun, but when you need a professional, we would recommend & trust Dr Lee 100%. To date, which is now December 2012, the extracted teeth problem has totally been resolved with no problems.

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