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My GP referred me to this Dr. for pain in my side and a colonoscopy. He seemed nice and competent at first and no negative reviews. Unfortunately even though I had 2 previous successful colonoscopies six years ago--my procedure with Dr. Lin caused EXTREME pain and then he pumped me full of extra sedation--but then didn't wait for it to take effect. He not only stopped the painful colonoscopy--but after knocking me out with heavy sedation--he didn't take the time to finish. Obviously I was billed for the entire procedure. Not only do I have to go through the entire procedure AGAIN--but when I went to the office to discuss my concerns he charged me an extra $90 just to tell me he was sorry--but sometimes it happens. I have since read that the major reason for aborted colonoscopies are from lack of experience and poor sedation. I will not be entrusting my health ever again to this man. I will be filing a complaint with the state and my insurance company.

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