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I just saw Dr. Tang for the first time. He was witty, polite, and (my favorite part) a teacher. He explained to me the equipment he was using--which no other Optometrist has ever bothered to do--, what it did and why it was necessary. He was excited about my results, even though I feel I have crummy eye site, which made me excited about my eyes (for the first time in 12 years!!!!)--which no other Optometrist has ever bothered to do. He gave me trial contacts, and was eager to check in with me to see how they were suiting me. He made me feel like he genuinely cares about my eyes and I would feel comfortable enough----which no other Optometrist has ever bothered to-- to call him any time to complain/compliment my new contacts lenses. I wish all my doctors were more like Dr. Tang. Thank you SO SO much! I have already recommended friends and family to him (which is a scary thing to do in general), and they've said the same thing!

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