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I went to Dr. Shepard two years ago to get a consult for a vasectomy. A few months later, he performed the procedure (which, because of my unusual condition, had to be performed at a hospital) and all seemed to go as expected. I recovered within three days of rest and was back at work. Thus far, my wife has not become pregnant, so apparently Dr. Shepard did very well. However, I must say this: in this day and age when profanity and coarse joking are the norm, there is still something to be said about refraining from such talk in a professional environment, like a doctor's office. Dr. Shepard does not seem to subscribe to this view as I had never encountered such vulgarity in a doctor's office as I had with him. If you go to him, expect a very knowledgeable and skillful urologist, but also expect the sexual references to fly hard and fast.

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