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I went to him after month's at P.T., and he found out through some test's that I have Degenerative Disc at my L-4 & L-5. We spoke about the option's and I ended up getting shot's, at first it was great but then my other side hurt , so more x-ray's, We found out that I have a problem on both side's. After the shot's He prescribed some lotion for me. I am happy to say I have gone the 6-month's without needing a shot, the cream is like a miracle to me. I had been to some other Dr.'s that just dismissed me, and that really irratate's me. He listened to me and the fact that I am a Co-Owner of a Meat Company for the last 16-1/2yrs. and through all the lifting I had really damaged my disc's. I am grateful for him for his kindness and awareness that this was a serious problem for me. I would and have recommend him to anyone. Thank You, Dr. Kent ( I will be seeing you soon for a check-up!)

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flag | Submitted April 17, 2008

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