Brandon Regional Hospital


Brandon, FL
Bed Count: 255
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Rating: 1.8 out of 5 (5 is best), based on 1 review.
Brandon Regional Hospital has a poor overall rating on frown

Medicare Survey Data


  • nurses who communicate poorly
  • poor control of patient's pain
  • lack of explanation about medicines
  • dirty rooms
  • poor overall patient ratings
  • poor recommendations by patients
  • doctors who communicate poorly
  • slow help response time

Neutral Points

  • room noise level at night
  • communication of recovery info


  • N/A
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  29/10/13 2 3 1 1 My wife gave birth to our son here and had the best experience in the maternity ward. However, the ER is a disgrace. We have taken our son there numerous times and have sat in the filthiest waiting area to be serviced by rude employees. Then, the nurse in the pediatric ward taped my son's arm to hold in his IV, with some type of casting tape. She taped it so tight that his skin was puffing through the small openings where it was wound. Another nurse, trying to adjust the tightness, couldn't remove the tape and had to soak and peel at his arm for over an hour! Which caused more pain and tears to an already bad situation. When we finally got my son comfortable and calmed down, the 'bad' nurse came back in, shut the lights off and in a rude, loud voice ordered him to sleep because it was bedtime, according to her. We had to calm him down all over again. To make mattters worse, a couple months later, we received a bill on hospital letterhead that turned out to be fake. Amazing this place.
Insurance: CIGNA