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New Haven, CT
Bed Count: 770
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Rating: 2.4 out of 5 (5 is best), based on 4 reviews.
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  • poor control of patient's pain
  • dirty rooms
  • noisy rooms at night
  • doctors who communicate poorly
  • slow help response time

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  • nurse communication
  • explanations about medicines
  • communication of recovery info
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  03/07/13 3 3 1 1 Do NOT go to this hospital's ER! I took my 12 year old child who had mucous and congestion for about a month, and was on antibiotics from an allergist/ immunologist and wasn't getting better. We sat in the ER for 4 hours before finally being seen. They took my daughters pulse oximetry and it was only 95%. That is not good! My mom had end-stage emphysema and had a po of 88. I know respiratory disease. After finally getting into a room, some indignant resident (who, IMO, looked high - her pupils were very tiny) said nothing was wrong with my daughter, to stop the antibiotics and that it was a virus! She was going through two boxes of tissues a day and was sick forn33 days when we got there. I was so angry that this moron resident or dr said nothing was wrong. Boy was she way off! I took my daughter to a pulmonologist who not only diagnosed her with asthma, but also, vocal cord dysfunction, acid reflux, and mycoplasma pneumonia. Yale sucks, & it has to stop running on its laurels!
Insurance: Aetna
  24/02/13 3 3 1 1 It is my understanding that the hospital is divided, Yale medical Group and Yale Hospital. First: Yale medical group: They have not a clue what they are doing! They hide behind the the Yale name, and seem to think they can do what they please, regardless of how it impacts the patient. ...and call them out on any issue and you are educated on just how well they know what voice mail is for. I went to YMG for a annoying condition that was taking a turn for the worse. I saw Dr. Tomlin/Dr. Paterson. They managed to stretch my visits out over a 6 month period, just enough to collect the insurance money. When they saw my problem was not an easy fix they abruptly stopped my care?? Now what was a problem condition is now a permanent condition... Thanks Yale Medical Group. With regard to the hospital side- they seem better then the other, I have yet to experience them. My first visit with the hospital side is 3/6/13 on the top floor 800 Howard Ave... I am hope it's better than YMG.
Insurance: Medicare
  11/12/11 2 4 3 1 The service of the nurse, therapist that excelent. the real problem are the residents they have lack of supervision or none. you have to fight with the residents because everything for them is the flu or a cold!!! and when someone else find something they are to rush to discharge you to fill his quota. Really i don't know how much they pay to be on the top hospitals but probably a lot. my recomendation don't waist your time going to yale hospital and better die in your home bevause eventually that's what they want.
Insurance: N/A
  26/09/11 4 4 2 2 Ugh, cops running around, gunshot victims in the ER, screwed up malicious staff with RAP sheets a mile long and more than a few doctors on massive ego trips. Have walked out on this place, as both an inpatient and on outpatient stuff - like an MRI. Avoid if you can. For palliative care I prefer other hospitals in Connecticut. I prefer Hartford Hospital and others in the same company - for example MidState, owned by Hartford Hospital. (I hear Griffin is really good for that too but never been) Yale acts like palliative care is not necessary to get well or stay well. For when I need the best specialists, I try to go to NYC. My orthopedist is in NY. If absolutely necessary I will book an appt with a Yale dr. Many of them are very good, but its a very frustrating environment. For just good care, not dire enough to make go to NY, I wish I were closer to Hartford Hospital. You get as good expertise and better overall care in a more respectful environment.
Insurance: N/A