Washington Health Care Dist


Fremont, CA
Bed Count: 247
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Rating: 1.9 out of 5 (5 is best), based on 2 reviews.
Washington Health Care Dist has a poor overall rating on RateMDs.com. frown

Medicare Survey Data


  • nurses who communicate poorly
  • lack of explanation about medicines
  • dirty rooms
  • noisy rooms at night (one of the worst in the nation!)
  • doctors who communicate poorly
  • slow help response time

Neutral Points

  • control of patient's pain
  • communication of recovery info
  • overall patient ratings
  • recommendations by patients


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Date C F S V Comments
    23/07/13 2 1 2 2 Some nurses were great some were inconsiderate, oblivious to my pain or my developing heart attack. It was only after I called my husband to return to the hospital and he yelled in the hall way, my wife is having left sided chest pain, short of breath, and neck and arm pain, did they pay me any attention. It still took two hours before I was seen by an MD . And by the way, both my husband and myself are nurses. Do not ever leave yourself or your loved ones alone in this hospital.
Insurance: N/A
  04/11/12 3 3 1 1 I was taken to Washington Hospital emergency room on April 19,2001 with flu-like symptoms that I had been experiencing for over a week. Was placed on a gurney in the hallway, with the cold wind blowing in every time the door was opened. Finally had an EKG that was normal; then had a cat scan that showed the ventricles in my brain had excess spinal fluid and was diagnosed with Hydrocephalus. Admitted to hospital about 1 AM and a neurosurgeon who had examined the scans told me it was necessary to have brain surgery and a shunt implanted. The next evening - April 20th - was wheeled into OR and the surgery performed. When the shunt was implanted it hit a nerve bundle so I had another cat san and another dose of general anesthetic. Was placed in a makeshift ICU and the next morning I awoke so sick I could barely make the slightest movement because I would vomit. Then I was taken to a room where the patient in the bed next to mine coughed continuously. On Sunday morning was told by the n
Insurance: Blue Cross / Blue Shield