Santa Barbara, CA
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  09/05/14 4 5 1 3 Cottage Hospital is a new modern facility currently being updated in the city of Santa Barbara California. The "hands-on nursing staff" is outstanding! The major issue we have encountered has been the nurse discharge planner. This individual has tried repeatedly to dump my father. She has given false and misleading information to his physicians about the aftercare services she attempted to provide for my dad. When I say false and misleading I mean the services she was claiming was available for my father just didn't exist. When I or my mother tried to let her know, she simply ignored us and continued her mantra about the same services that didn't exist. We finally, contacted one of his outpatient doctors who went to the facility and told her she was wrong. She additionally, has slandered my family to several facilities in the area where my dad could have received the care he needed. If you or a loved one is admitted to Cottage stay off of 3rd Flr. Ridley Tree. Her boss no help
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