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  08/07/14 3 3 1 1 I went into Emergency, after a full 24 hours of consistent vomiting, severe dizzyness, severe weakness and a very strong not going away Migraine. I sat about 10 minutes waiting to register, when I finally registered and was ill in the chair, they told me it would be a 4-5 hour wait to see a doctor, There was no way I could go another 5 hours of straight vomiting. I left and stumbled my way to city hospital, where I collapsed due to weakness and dehydration and was put on a IV drop immediately. This was after vomiting 5-6 times between teling the ruh nurse I was leaving and getting to my Husbands vehicle. I was ill a total of approx 8-10 times between hospitals. I am not pleased with RUH and their lack of concern for my life and illness.
Insurance: N/A
  13/08/13 3 5 5 5 Recently our son was on the Neurological Floor of this hospital, the staff was remarkable. The R.N.'s, LPN, Care Aides were all very professional,helpful,caring, and friendly. I found the cleaning staff, the staff in the Mall Cafe, and the cafeteria were also very friendly and helpful. The physiotherapy staff was fantastic, I can not say enough positive remarks about the Neurological floor.
Insurance: Sask Health
    08/08/13 2 2 1 1 My doctor had submitted an urgent request for a specialist due inflammation and severe pain in my wrist and hand. 1 month later, I have yet to see a specialist and have not even had an x-ray. The pain has grown so intense that I had to visit the emergency ward at Royal University Hospital. They sat me down and I waited to be called. Not to see a doctor but just to see the reception. On 2 occasions I asked how much longer it would be. I sat, clutching my hand for 2 hours. 2 hours and I had not yet even presented by health card to them. They were not overly busy. They were definately not overworked. They sat around chatting with eachother while paying no attention to me whatsoever. Finally, I gave up and went home. No health care. No registration. It has been almost 5 weeks and I still cannot receive healthcare, not even in emergency. This hospital and Sask Health should be truly ashamed of their lack of effort or professionalism.
Insurance: N/A
    28/07/13 5 1 1 2 Hi recently took my boyfriend in due to a broken foot. We waited 2 hours to see the doctor. Once we seen him he said they don't do thy kind of stuff an that we would have to wait till Monday to get a walking boot. I asked if they had one an he said yes, that was that. Gave my boyfriend no pain meds no service an no help. Then the doctor just left the room not stating weather or not we were finished or if he was coming back. Horrible doctor, horrible service. If you can't get help at a hospital where can you get help?! I am disgusted with the health system due to this encountering. My boyfriend still had a broken foot an no brace or boot to help it heal. This is not the service that we are paying for. Unbeilvable.
Insurance: N/A
  17/07/13 3 3 1 3 The check-in procedure at emrgency (both adults and kids) is brutal and archaic. It should not take over half an hour to get through the paperwork. The doctors have been decent, though they seem beaten down and desensitized.
Insurance: Sask Health
    06/05/12 2 1 1 1 This hospital should be shut down. They turn away children that are near death, the nurses don't pay attention to patients. My babies were their for 5 months and I saw so many horrible things. Nurses playing cards in the hall ignoring children's monitors going off. My son almost died 3 times due to them not paying attention. He also got sick from a nurse who picked his soother up off the floor and popped it back into his mouth without even rinsing it off. My son is a micro preemie with a very low immune system. Complaints arent listened to. A doctor I went to to complain about treatment from a nurse told me "we aren't going to change". I have gone to client services and social workers. No one is willing to do anything about the treatment people get from this hospital
Insurance: N/A
  22/12/11 5 5 5 5 spent 2 days in emergency and 9 months of chemo (sask cancer agency part of RUH) of service
Insurance: N/A