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  29/05/14 4 3 2 2 I went in right after my family Dr told me to head straight to the ER. He explained that I needed to be admitted and watched for a few days with tests and medication. As soon as I saw who my ER Dr would be, I wanted to leave as I have dealt with him making major mistakes before. I was in a chair for 12 hrs after a 2 week migraine. They gave me medication I am very allergic to. I went through 8 different meds. Finally told I was being admitted. I came back from a test to the Dr telling me I am discharged because he thought I was a drug seeker due to my prescription history. He would not even speak to my family Dr as to why it was that way. I left in worse condition due to reactions to meds. My nurses and the neurologist who told the Dr I needed to stay were amazing. But the Dr decided to tell me to stop faking seizures and pain. I have epilepsy and I cannot control any of that. Now I am trying to decide if I should try a different ER.
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    04/04/14 1 1 1 1 Unless you are bleeding to death expect to wait a long long time. Often charts are misplaced and you will not get any special testing. Instead they will kick you out and have your gp schedule tests that sometimes have waiting lists months long. My wife has lost 40lbs in the last couple months but they refuse to admit her as she still has a pulse. This is a new facility that is understaffed and has no beds available for those not in absolute dire circumstances. The cancer center is not even operational. Only a small portion of the facility is used for what I understand.BC healthcare is free but you get what you pay for. Not much. I would rather pay for proper service. I lived in the states for a couple years and yes medical is expensive but the service was amazing and fast.
Insurance: BC Med
  19/02/14 4 5 4 2 parking price is very high. That way too much they need to think about that. Other thing i notice i went to that hospital so many they never have hand sope in the woman washroom thats happen with me so many . I like the volunteer system so they can help to thats great idea.
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  30/12/13 1 2 1 1 I was in this hospital for three nights after a bocht colonoscopy .first night coed with a female patient,unclean bed ,bad service,bad food.not loocking forward to go back there anytime soon.
Insurance: N/A
  04/12/13 3 2 1 1 Worst hospital ever. My father went in for a hip replacement and they perforated his colon and when I asked why he was doing so bad they just kept saying it's to be expected. They even discharged him. When we brought him back the next day he had to have emergency surgery and they said that they were not sure if he would live. He did die a few days later and they took no responsibility. The doctor even left the country. Do not go to this hospital.
Insurance: Blue Cross / Blue Shield
08/07/13 5 5 5 5 I spent 3 weeks in the maternity ward and had a few visits to the hospital with my first pregnancy. I found the ER was good and the maternity ward even better. The girls were great, supportive and the doctors were very helpful. Only bad thing I can say is they for got to feed me for the 3 weeks I was there. I had gestational diabetes and they always forgot my meals and snacks which is super important to control blood sugars. Other than that they are great!
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  11/06/13 2 3 1 1 If/when I get cancer, I will never go to this "hospital" and their "cancer center". Someone very close to me got cancer not long ago, went through the standard treatment, (chem, radiation) and was eventually declared "cancer free", but apparently they don't make a habit of checking vital neighboring areas of the body to see if any random cells have spread next door. (it only takes 1) They Fail at keeping a close eye on your loved one during, & post treatment. There isn't just a lack of communication - there is ZERO communication. As a family member trying to find answers, days & days after (said person) was admitted we couldn't find a single doctor to talk with. Stay away. PS. If you do find yourself there, don't bother paying for parking - nobody checks, they don't deserve it and they sure as hell aren't using it to help better the health of you or your family. If you're local,go to Seattle. You may have to pay, but at least you're CARED FOR and treated like a human being.
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  09/04/13 3 2 2 2
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  14/03/13 2 4 2 2 As a patient with mental health challenges, this hospital, its emergency and its psyche ward are a nightmare. The process of getting admitted is enough to drive you crazy. While on the psyche ward, I made the mistake of looking under my bed; it was obvious it hadn't been cleaned for weeks possibly months. The food services and housekeeping have both been outsourced - a big mistake. Food is terrible even for hospital food. I was also admitted in Dec/12 for gall bladder problems. I was in the hospital for 7 days in pain and running a high fever. During that time, I was moved 4 times and one of my so called rooms was the TV room on one of the wards. When I think of Abbotsford Regional Hospital,the word CHAOS immediately comes to mind.
Insurance: N/A
21/09/12 5 5 3 4 Had my left thyroid removed March 27, 2012 there were many different people in and out of my room and i was unsure whom my head nurse was. I was asked if my Surgeon came to see me and if they said a discharge day. I replied no and they were going to call him. Later came in my room and said i was dicharged and i said i didnt have pain meds and so they were going to arrange for a cab to come get me and take me there. They said they were short beds from all the surgeries. So i felt pushed and rushed out of there and then i replied but i have been taking morphin and your going to send me alone in a cab. They didnt seem bothered by this at all. I am not impressed with my experience there and feel that they are in a hurry for your bed and your just a paycheck to the hospital. I would not choose to go there in future.
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  14/05/12 1 5 1 1 A family member was left without clean sheets/sponge baths post surgery - bed sores were found by visitor so wife started bathing and changing his sheets daily.
Insurance: N/A
  12/08/11 4 4 1 2 After my husband had two hernia's repaired he was brought to the ward very much under the influence of the morphine, groggy and sleepy. He was awakened from sleep after less than 3 hours and told to get ready to go home! The topper was the nurse telling me to go rent him a wheelchair! I did so for $1.00. When I returned with it the nurse helped me get him into it but I had to wheel him downstairs and get him into the car myself. Hmmm, wonder who would be liable if he fell out of the chair in the hospital??? Attention Future Patients: MAKE SURE YOUR SURGEON WRITES ON YOUR CHART THAT YOU CAN BE ADMITTED OVERNIGHT. He had a TERRIBLE night and should not have been discharged, he needed to be kept in and able to receive adequate pain management which he did not have.
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