Englewood Hospital & Medical Center


Englewood, NJ
Bed Count: 318

Rating: 3.1 out of 5 (5 is best), based on 3 reviews.
Englewood Hospital & Medical Center has a fair overall rating on RateMDs.com. neutral

Medicare Survey Data


  • poor control of patient's pain
  • noisy rooms at night
  • lack of communication of recovery info
  • slow help response time

Neutral Points

  • nurse communication
  • explanations about medicines
  • overall patient ratings
  • recommendations by patients
  • doctor communication


  • clean rooms
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Date C F S V Comments
  31/05/13 1 2 1 1 Terrible hospital in every aspect. The hospital was filthy, left me to develop bed sores and as it was the holiday weekend, I did not receive my lab/test results until the next week. The results were phoned to me by a resident, not the attending doctor. Now I had asked Pathology for the results and received a slightly diagnosis. ??? Overall, this hospital is sloppy and if you have an HMO, forget it!
Insurance: Oxford
  23/04/13 5 5 1 1 This hospital allowed a resident to operate on me without my consent!!! He COMPLETELY LACERATED MY EHL TENDON IN MY BIG TOE & the hospital tried to cover it up. This resident filled out all my paperwork saying that he was my physician!!  I never met this guy before in my life!!!!, they did not want to give me my OP's Report but a nice lady gave it anyway.This one who was arrested for illegal pain killer trafficking had no DEA or CDS LICENSE because the Bergen County Presecutor Office had taken it so he had no CREDENTIALS to do surgery, the hospital didn't even check out this criminal's credentials so they opted to cover up this crime by having this student say he was my doc on all the hospital paperwork so that they (the hospital) could get paid. I am now PERMANENTLY DISABILED FROM this ordeal & have no ROM IN MY BIG TOE and Permanent Nerve Damage (RSD) Please always request your OP's Report & Report it IMMEDIATELY if someone else like a "STUDENT" operates on you without your consent!
Insurance: Blue Cross / Blue Shield
  22/11/11 5 5 5 5 I had back surgery 2002 and a breast biopsy operation 2007 at EHMC and also many other proceedures there over the past 10 years. The hospital is "user friendly" as far as finding your way around. In my experience I found the nurses and staff were nice. The rooms are comfortable and clean. The food is excellent for a hospital and my surgery was extremely succesful. I always chose doctors that are affiliated with this hospital for the above reasons. My total experience at EHMC is very positive.
Insurance: United Healthcare