Palms West Hospital


Loxahatchee, FL
Bed Count: 117
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Rating: 2.2 out of 5 (5 is best), based on 3 reviews.
Palms West Hospital has a poor overall rating on frown

Medicare Survey Data


  • nurses who communicate poorly
  • poor control of patient's pain
  • lack of explanation about medicines
  • dirty rooms (one of the worst in the nation!)
  • poor overall patient ratings
  • poor recommendations by patients
  • doctors who communicate poorly
  • slow help response time

Neutral Points

  • room noise level at night
  • communication of recovery info


  • N/A
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Date C F S V Comments
  03/08/13 5 5 1 1 did not get checked bu attending physcian untill 3rd day of stay was kept in hospital longer than should have i guess they wanted to get paid without puttin out services excet for room and board, ridiculous, medicare should check for hosital charges with no medical reason, i finally had to voluntarily check myself out, bad experience at 3rd floor palma west hospital
Insurance: Medicare
    29/01/13 1 1 1 1 Was Outdated and nursing staff was non responsive, Lack of attention and care, They have a staff of doctor's who charge your insurance with out ever entering the room, Just order test after test to $$$$ the bill, Loud as Hell at night gave me a very weak 0.5 ambien, I was up all night shaking and anxiety ridden, they seem to care LESS, and more or less wanted in this state put me in a closed MRI, no sedation!!! I said HELL NO! All of a sudden they were having me release, only then did the prescribe something for what I was there for, Let me SUFFER all night like some animal! The hospital bed must have been 25 yrs old, and whole stay was a nightmare, I will go to Wellington Medical from now on, If someone whispers Palm West I will take out in a run for my Life!
Insurance: Tricare
  18/01/12 4 4 1 1 Pre-surgery service was okay. However, the nursing care after my back surgery was horrible. My morphine drip kept getting kinked and would start beeping. Then I couldn't find my call button, so my roommate woke up & called for me. They always took forever to respond. They wouldn't listen when I told them I had pain in my bladder. Thank God my sister was there and discovered a problem with the catheter. After they removed it, I couldn't get anyone to help me go to the bathroom. I wasn't supposed to get out of bed without my back brace, but I often had no choice. At one point I was trapped in the bathroom unable to turn around to activate the call button. I cried and yelled and someone finally heard me.
Insurance: United Healthcare