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My dentist referred me to Dr. Panaite, because she offers a wide and comprehensive line of periodontal and surgical treatments.My dentist was right. Dr. Panaite not only combines periodontal treatment with dental surgery,but she is also highly skilled in both fields.Not only was this beneficial for me as a patient,but also for my dentist whom she worked closely with to give me the results I was looking for.My dental needs would have normally required me and my dentist to work with 2 different specialists which would have been more time consuming for both of us and more costly for me. I was extremely impressed and appreciative of the quality of care and results I received and am continually seeing her for my cleanings. After 8 months, my periodontal and overall health has improved significantly and Dr. Panaite told me that if I keep improving, I can soon start alternating my cleanings with my general dentist and her office on a 3/6 month interval. Thank you for everything Dr. Panaite!

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