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Henry Mellen probably saved my life. He worked with me over 2+ years on sexual addiction issues but gave me so much more understanding about myself. He would listen to me ramble on for 30 minutes or so and then make connections with everything else I have ever told him, showing me an amazing analysis of me, my birth family, my -ex, my children, my work. Henry is compassionate and supportive but will give concrete opinions unless it's something you need to figure out yourself. He taught me much about the differences between the genders and what it means to be a man. He is well grounded in the 12 steps and I found working with him to be a powerful combination with step work. He points out the connections and also the areas where they diverge. I have had several therapists (mainly for depression) but I have never looked forward to an appointment like I did with Henry - even if I knew the work would be difficult.

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