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While living at and attending Stanford, we chose Dr.Enright for our daughter. We began seeing her right after our discharge from the hospital and through her first 6 months until we moved away. Throughout our care she was not only professional and helpful, but cheery and friendly at each visit. She answered all of our questions and never hesitated to give us extra info that she thought was important. What I enjoyed the most though, was that she was not a finicky doctor. She didn't give us extra reasons to worry for our daughter, but rather said to come in when we felt necessary (but also never to hesitate to come in) and otherwise to just trust our instincts as parents. She also snipped our daughter's tongue tie which was slightly scary and heart wrenching as a parent to see my baby hurt and crying, but Dr.Enright put our minds at ease and did it quickly, so our baby was only crying for a minute! We would absolutely recommend her to anyone and choose her all over again!!

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