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Practice: Charles J. Gudas, DPM
Med. School:California College Podiatric Medicine
Grad. Year: 1970

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Q: Can he take care of VERY thick toenails in elderly person ?    Email me    Answer it    See answers

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RID: 5600496
05/07/14 SYSTEM: 'birds of a feather' rating (based on Medicare patients-in-common): 3.7  Respond
RID: 5595146
03/07/14 5 5 5 5 I've learned over the years that docs recommended by local hospital nurses are the ones to see. My daughter had a severe foot infection, originally diagnosed as athlete's foot, but even with oral and topical antibiotics was getting worse. Dr. Gudas' office was able to work us in within 24 hours. He was extremely knowledgeable, kind and compassionate. Due to the meds Dr. Gudas prescribed, my daughter was seeing improvement in her foot within 24 hours. As my daughter does not have insurance, his office was willing to work with us, offering a payment plan that was very reasonable. Dr. Gudas was an answer to prayer, and we are extremely grateful to him and his office staff for their kindness and professionalism. I can highly recommend Dr. Gudas and his office without reservation  Respond
RID: 5228019
07/03/14 5 5 5 5 I love Dr. Charles Gudas he is amazing! what he has done for me is more helpful than I could have ever imagined! he is so kind compassionate, I love that he can remember you on a first name basis and know your issues without even looking at your file. (Even your nickname)he has a one-on-one relationship with all his patients. I love that he gives it to you straight doesn't dance around issues and gets right down to the heart of the matter in more ways than one! His expertise are unmatched,recently I have found out that I was diabetic instantly through my other issues they reminded me of the special care I needed to take of my feet as a diabetic that's above and beyond as far as I'm concerned. I understand his staff has been going through changes in the last couple of years but every team needs to get all the players right and I applaud his efforts in bringing that perfect team to his office! I was a meat cutter fir 34yrs so I had many issues! Thank you Dr. Gudas & staff I recommend you 
Insurance: United Healthcare
20/10/13 SYSTEM: First Name changed from "Charles" to "Charles J." 
RID: 2661172
23/05/13 3 4 5 5 Dr. Gudas is brusque and quick, if you're looking for a professional, go to him. I've seen a lot of doctors (podatric and orthopedic) my wife and I, and as a previous med student myself, I can say that Dr. Gudas is a rarity among current low country practices, and if you want your foot worked on right, go to him. Previous reviewers have commented on how other doctors have fixed his work-- I know several family members who've had work from others fixed by him. Go doc! 
Insurance: Tricare
RID: 2571950
27/02/13 3 3 2 2 I was deeply disappointed with the work that Dr. Gudas did on my feet. I went in to have the corns/callouses on my fifth toes treated and was convinced by him to have hammertoe correction surgery in order to alleviate the problem. Although he and his staff were kind and friendly, the surgery was of poor quality and left highly visible scars on my right and left fifth toe. What's more, no real care was taken to address my initial reason for seeking podiatric help and the nurse who took out my stiches admitted that she did not enjoy her work at his office-- and that became evident when she did not properly remove my stiches, which caused the surgical site to become infected. Based on my experience at Dr. Gudas’ office, I think it is safe to say that while he and his staff are technically competent, they seem more focused on profit than providing excellent care to their patients. If you want your feet issues to be taken seriously and done with the utmost care and quality, I would AVOID his office.  Respond
RID: 2294043
26/06/12 1 1 1 1  
Insurance: Blue Cross / Blue Shield
RID: 1736542
12/03/12 5 5 5 5 I have had three surgeries by Dr. Gudas and find him to be absolutely the best - his office staff is 2nd to none and I would highly recommend him to anyone who ask. He is the most compassionate physician I have EVER dealt with. 
Insurance: Blue Cross / Blue Shield
RID: 1687296
15/01/12 2 2 1 1 Gudas is a quack! He performed a morton's neuroma surgery on me to treat what turned out to me a tarsal problem - no connection whatsoever to the nerves in my toes! That was five years ago and my 3 small toes still ache all the time and I still have tarsal tendon problems. Avoid him!  Respond
RID: 1581048
06/11/11 5 4 5 5 I have lived in 5 states, experiencing major medical surgery in each location. I believe these experiences qualify me to critique a surgeon and staff. With each of the 4 surgeries, Dr. Gudas explained the surgery in great detail even talking to me via phone when I was experiencing anxiety regarding the pending surgery. He always displayed confidence in a most kind and considerate bedside manner. He is extremely sensitive to the comfort of his patient, ensuring that all precautions are taken to reduce and hopefully eliminate pain and discomfort. In the operating room, he respectfully takes charge. His staff, Hope and Sally, act as his “right arm” in his day-to-day office appointments. Each lady has demonstrated professionalism and promptly responded to my numerous questions. Hope gives very clear and concise pre-surgery requirements. Dr. Gudas’s reputation as being one of the best in his field have people with complex issues clamoring to be seen by the “expert”. 
Insurance: Blue Cross / Blue Shield
RID: 1511454
13/08/11 1 3 2 3 His staff is a bad attitude, Then his nurse told my primary doctors office that my grandma pain was not real it was all in her mind. Her great toe he clipped it and now it's not healing she is a diabetic. would not recommend him to no one... 
Insurance: Medicare
RID: 1462820
12/06/11 3 1 1 4 Had bunion surgery and two toes straightened- Very unsatisfied with results. End two toes look deformed. He was not too friendly and was always very late to all of my appointments- including my surgery at the surgery center- I was the first scheduled that day and he was about an hour late. Wish I would have gone to someone else. 
Insurance: Blue Cross / Blue Shield
RID: 1447005
22/05/11 5 5 5 5 Dr. Gudas' outstanding credentials and excellent reputation among other patients with whom I talked led me to choose Dr. Gudas for my third foot reconstructive surgery.The first surgeries were done by other poditrists and were ineffective. Not only did Dr. Gudas successfully diagnose and correct the problem but I had less post surgery pain than in the past. He runs an efficient practice, is most professional in his demeanor and is helpful to explain the procedures/surgery he feels necessary to correct a foot problem. I highly recommend Dr. Gudas and feel he's the best! 
Insurance: Medicare
RID: 1366713
18/02/11 4 5 5 5 excellent surgeon, very nice demeanor, and very reliable, helpful staff 
Insurance: Blue Cross / Blue Shield
Paid (or co-pay): $300
RID: 1363087
14/02/11 5 5 5 5 I used to visit dr Gudas about three years ago with major foot cramping before i moved to fl. he was a great dr. and his staff was fabulous. I felt extremely comfortable and entrusted him with my feet which for me is very hard to do. When working with him i felt my problem could be cprrected or at least calmed wish this doctor was closer or someone like him was in this state  Respond
RID: 1258922
26/09/10 1 1 2 1 Have had nothing but a bad exsperience with this Doctor and Staff. I had to go to my primary doctor to have a MRI done to find out what was wrong with my foot. Then he decided to do something about it. I have surgery and they never even called me with the time of the surgery. I had to call the hospital and find out myself. The nurse even told me the wrong hospital. I would not recommend this doctor or office to anyone.  Respond
RID: 1126098
12/03/10 5 3 5 5 I have had two surgeries with Dr. Gudas, and would highly recommend him for his expertise and attention to details. While others may say that he crams too many patients into the day - the quality of that time spent is paramount. He is knowledgeable, and knows what it takes to get relief to the patient. Highly recommend and commend him /his staff to anyone. 
Insurance: United Healthcare
RID: 957469
07/08/09 5 5 5 5 Exceptional knowledge and expertise. Willing to fight for patients care with insurance companies. Not there to be your "Mr. Rogers" neighbor guy. I wen to him on the recommendation of a friend that is an orthopedic surgeon. I called from out of town with a problem and was seen the next morning. You don't get that service from a GP. Office staff works as fast and hard as he does. He runs a tight ship because he expects his staff to be as professional as he is. That is what I want in a doctor and surgeon. 
Insurance: Blue Cross / Blue Shield
RID: 927684
02/07/09 1 2 1 1 I would not recommend this doctor! He could not cure a simple in-grown toe nail. Each time he had to cut off more nail to get past the infection. I finally had to go to another doctor to get it fixed. He had to trim more nail to correct Gudas' work. So now I have a narrow nail on my big toe, which looks a little odd, but at least it's not infected and hurting.  Respond
RID: 916761
18/06/09 5 5 5 5 Dr. Gudas is an great doctor for diabetic foot care! He is a bit business-like, but gets the job done correctly. My friends agree with me, and one of my friends, who had several consults from several other doctors did not get a correct diagnosis until Dr. Gudas. He sees so many paients every day, and so many of them walk out totally happy, even though he is a little breif in the patient rooms. He also remembers everyone's name and information about them, and has a great repore with almost everyone. 
Insurance: Blue Cross / Blue Shield
RID: 915462
17/06/09 3 5 3 4 My orthopedic directed me to Dr. Gudas. The surgery was okay but when I was still having pain, and told him the last three times I have been there, he made the comment of 'It will go away'. Well, it hasn't yet. It has been five months since I had surgery and I finally got so tired of the pain and him not taking time to listen, I called and set up an appt and told them to make sure they schedule me for time with him because I do hae a problem.He was still only actaully in the room with me for maybe two minutes at the most, but he did find the problem. Now if he would have listened to me several months ago. I am finding a new specialist and will not return to Dr. Gudus. There are enough out there that we don't need him, he needs us for his business to stay on top. He made me feel like a whimp because of complaining aout the pain. I have a strong pain threshold but if he doesn't take the time to talk to his patients and look at the problem, I don't feel comfortable. 
Insurance: Tricare
RID: 909792
10/06/09 5 5 5 5 I was referred to Dr. Gudas by someone that I work with who highly recommended him after having 2 successful bunion surgeries. I was very please with his nurse and his staff. Dr. Gudas was very nice and had a good sense of humor. I took my 15 year old son to see him, and he liked the doctor as well. Yes, Dr. Gudas had patients in several of his exam rooms, but he didn't keep anyone waiting. He worked efficiently, and we were there for just a short time. We are scheduled to return in two weeks for another procedure, and I'm sure we will have another good experience. 
Insurance: Blue Cross / Blue Shield
RID: 906843
07/06/09 4 5 4 5 You get what you expect to get. Be friendly; he will be friendly. Be a jerk and complain about everything, you will get the same response from his staff. Several rooms full all the time -- GEE, does that mean he has LOTS Of patients to take care of? I wonder why??? Maybe because he is GOOD at what he does, and not just interested in money. Would HIGHLY recommend him to others - both my wife and I have had a toe problem fixed by Dr. Gudas - fixed correctly and permanently. 
Insurance: Tricare
RID: 816433
06/03/09 1 2 2 3 Technically competent but he seems very money-driven and awfully impressed with himself for his academic affiliation with the Med U. My experience with staff was not very pleasant. I felt overcharged for minor work requiring little skill. A single injection of an inexpensive drug in my foot should not bill $600 to insurance when it takes him 2 minutes. Not much bedside manner. Not very concerned with issues of pain. There are plenty of podiatrists out there, and I switched to another one.  Respond
RID: 292057
21/04/07 4 4 5 Previous review (1) was partially correct. Dr Gudas seems to have quite an ego and runs multiple rooms to maximize profits (I had no complications so my follow-up visits lasted about one-minute). However, a very talented doctor/surgeon. Corrected long standing toe problem after two prior surgeries with other doctors. Would not recommend if you need TLC (not the type for friendly chit chat). Would highly reccommend if you need a good surgeon and you have foot problems.  Respond
RID: 289116
19/04/07 3 1 1 Doctor seems to have a God Complex... he's a foot doctor not a Cardiologist... Seems to concerned about the almighty dollor not patient care. I would not recommend the doctor to my worst enemy. 
Insurance: Blue Cross / Blue Shield
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