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Husband had Hemorrhoidectomy surgery at Kernersville Medical Center as an outpatient. After being home for thirty minutes, began to hemmorhage. Blood Pressure dropped to 50/30. Called his an answering machine twice. Finally when a nurse called back..she informed me not to worry about blood pressure..just the anesthesia. Nurse said she could not advise us what to do about the bleeding (even though I told her the amount, which was a lot) Said if we were concerned I could bring him to their office and they would work him in. Note: The surgeon was still at the hospital. I called their Winston-Salem office in which a Triage Nurse called back. I must say that she was very nice and helpful. Told me to get him to the emergency room immediately and she would call Dr. Reyes and notify him that I was bringing my husband to the emergency room. He was not in good condition. Vitals had to be stabilized before having a second emergency surgery. Spent 2 Days in ICU.

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