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I saw this doctor for a scheduled root canal per my dentist orders. I told him my tooth was very painful. He poke around the area and said that it was inflamed. He said my tooth would have to come out it it was cracked to the root. I asked him to take a xray before he began, but he said he would find out when he when in to do the root canal. He started the root canal and his numing me in the roof of my mouth and jaw was very painful. He did not wait for the medicine to take effect. He said it usually numbs right away. Halfway through the procedure I could feel him working in my mouth. He just kept on working. Afterward I was in so much pain. He did not order me any antibotic or pain medication. Said 3 Motrin would do just fine. I leave and go home. The pain was so bad I began to cry. I call the office and demanded some pain medication and antibiotic. This was the worst experience I every had. I had to get my tooth pulled out because it was a vertical crack to the root.

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flag | Submitted Jan. 19, 2010

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