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Dr. Bonakdar has a quiet, but very present manner. He asks a lot of pertinent questions based upon the questionaire that you have to complete prior to the appt., and what (in my case) my referring dr. said about my case. He offered quite a few alternative (as opposed to allopathic medicine), concrete things to do for my situation. Some were possible for me to do, a couple not (i.e. biofeedback for people with PTSD is not a good match; I don't think he knew I have PTSD). His administrative assistant leaves a LOT to be desired. She lets things go on a regular basis. I have had to leave messages asking the same question sometimes three times, and when I then call back the fourth time and become firm and push the issue, she has excuses like she's extremely busy. He needs someone who is better at handling the workload, or he needs two assistants. I am very happy with him, however. The adjacent holistic pharmacy that he often prescribes from, Arcana, is wonderful in its own right.

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