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Emergency / Critical-related: car accidents, broken bones, unexpected injury, sudden illness, life support, end of life, critical illness
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RID: 2582102
11/03/13 1 1 1 1 I went to the clinic because I can feel and see a chest infection coming on. His nurse and him 'examined' me if that's what you want to call it and right from the beginning they were not taking me seriously. I did a breathing test and failed (I do not smoke). Fedourik comes in and says, "Chicken soup." I ended up going to another clinic and got prescribed anti-biotics as well as a puffer. Upper respiratory infection. Quite possibly the laziest and worst doctor in the entire province of Ontario. I strongly suggest not seeing him, if I had the power, I would actually forbid it.  Respond
RID: 1712301
13/02/12 5 1 1 1 Today was the last time I went to see Dr. Fedoruk with my son he doesent have a clue what he is doing.  Respond
RID: 1674389
02/01/12 4 1 1 3 Waited 2 hours at the Tecumseh Urgent Care clinic with my 2 children with two of us having eye infections and all 3 with coughs/colds which we all had for over 2 weeks. I did not want any medicine for the coughs, just wanted him to check their lungs and perhaps take a peek in their ears. He only listened to the chest of one child...prescribed "chicken soup" and walked out of the room. When I said "excuse me but aren't you going to look at the other child" his reply was "Nope, don't need to" and he disappeared. He did not even bother to look at the eye infections at all, just prescribed drops. Very poor way to treat a patient. He was very rude and was only in the room about 10 seconds in all. I'm sure OHIP was billed for 3 full exams though!! Will not attend this clinic again for any reason.  Respond
RID: 1570888
25/10/11 1 1 1 1 I went to the clinic because I had excruciating pain in my lower abdomen. He told me to lay down. And he immediately started to lift up my shirt. Usually doctors ask you to remove clothing if necessary. He said I had "abdominal wall pain" and I left with nothing other than that. The next week I went to my family doctor and found out I had cysts on my ovaries. This guy is a joke, he has no clue what he's talking about. And it's pretty bad when I can hear him talking with other patients 2 rooms down. So unprofessional. And so rude. Very unhappy with him. I don't step in the door if I see he is there.  Respond
RID: 1502884
03/08/11 2 5 1 2 I am an RN myself and have had this MD in the ER, was extremely dissatisfied, did not lay a finger on me and documented otherwise. Also did not listen to me or my personal situation, which is rare, and did nothing but upset me and sent me home doing nothing. I had to be treated by another physician later that day for the problem that I went in with. The doctor who ended up helping me was on call in the same ER I came to find out, when I was there. I had actually asked Dr. Fedoruk to see if he could call him to explain my situation. I felt like with his years of experience he needs to go back to some basic skills of listening and assessment. He was stuck on textbook numbers with a patient who has a rare genetic disorder and was trying to explain that those numbers were not normal for me, he did not even think to look up the problem or call the specialist and check.  Respond
RID: 1325852
03/01/11 4 1 1 1 Went in on a Monday with wheezing chest and coughing after not being able to sleep more than an hour for more than 5 days. He never listened to my chest. He said "Unless it's strep, you don't get anything". Told me to take chicken noodle soup and honey..and I'm a diabetic! Overheard him talking to other patients which he also said "Take chicken noodle soup". He does not listen to his patients and does not care about them either! Do not waste your time with this doctor!  Respond
RID: 1324590
31/12/10 2 2 1 2 This guy should be investigated for his poor attitude with patients and his less than thorough "examinations"...I think the last 3 or 4 comments were posted by him and/or his staff to save face  Respond
RID: 1277481
22/10/10 1 2 1 1 Went to the Urgent Care Clinic for a sinus infection. Dr came in saying it was allergies without even looking at me. Didn't even introduce himself either so I had no idea who he was. Kept yelling at me it was allergies. Second opinion diagnosed with sinus infection. Very rude, very arrogant, very obnoxious to someone who is not well and not at all helpful. I'm sure he's nice to his regular patients that have been seeing him for years but I was horribly disappointed that this doctor was practising.  Respond
RID: 1215408
26/07/10 2 1 1 2 I had have had two horrible experiences, the first was when I came to the clinic and could not even talk (having a sore throat for over a week) and he told me it was nothing. went to another doctor and got diagnosed with bronchitis. AND another time i went in not being able to walk because i fell on my ankle. he told me it was just sore. yet i went to another clinic and was told (after receiving an xray) that i had a hairline fracture AND a severely sprained ankle. If you get him as a doctor, RUNN 
Paid (or co-pay): $150
RID: 1142949
05/04/10 1 3 1 1 I saw him today and he looked at me and said "You have shingles". I looked at him funny and then he said "Okay, then you have scabies". I saw a second doctor who told me there was no way it was scabies. Thank God for second opinions. I wish everyone luck with this Dr. Fedoruk cuz you will never be happy. It's too bad we allow these kinds of people to be our doctors.  Respond
RID: 1014944
21/10/09 5 4 5 5 It would be unwise to listen to the negative reviews of Dr. Fedoruk on this site and pass judgment. Having been a patient of his, worked in the same ED as him, and being the son of of a trauma RN that had worked with him for 20 years, I'm well acquainted with the great skill of Dr. Fedoruk. He is *exceptionally* knowledgeable, incredibly witty and has three decades of ED experience under his belt. Anyone that has worked with Dr. Fedoruk will attest to the fact that he's saved countless lives and is bar none one of the most brilliant physicians in the city and is always pleasant to work with. As one review said, going to him with coughs and colds will not truly demonstrate his skill as an ED physician. If I were a trauma patient, Dr. Fedoruk would be my first choice to save my life. He constantly works long hours and is dedicated to Emergency Medicine to the utmost. To repeat, take any bad review with a grain of salt, for he is an excellent and tremendously brilliant ED doc.  See Responses
RID: 979142
03/09/09 3 2 1 1 I went to the urgent care for a skin condition, I was told by this so called doctor that I had scabies ! He was incredibly arrogant and rude !He told me that I would have to tell my wife that I have an STD and to stop sleeping around ! I left very disturbed and told my wife. A week later I went to see my family doctor-as it turns out it was Scoriasis. I will NEVER see this doc again, if he is on call at the clinic or at MET emerge leave, get out fast.  Respond
RID: 851267
02/04/09 4 1 1 1 I went to the emergency room four days after having a c-section. I was in a lot of pain from not having a B/M for over a week. Dr. Fedoruk came in and saw me I told him about the c-section and the nurse had put it into the chart. He decided to send me for x-rays and while waiting to go for x-rays my friend and I heard him tell another patient that the good news was that it was not clamidia we were appalled that he would say something so personal so loud. After x-rays I waited for hours for him to come back to tell me that my bowels were completely blocked and he decided he wanted to check me by pushing on my abdomin directly on my c-section incision needless to say he did not reread his chart when he came back to me and when I said OWWWW I had a c-section he said "oh I guess I should check that" like this was new info. I also feel that your emergency doctor should be able to stand to diagnose you and not be so overweight that he needs to sit!!!! RUN if he is your ER doctor!!!  Respond
RID: 838206
22/03/09 5 5 5 5 I absolutley love Fedoruk. I will call first to make sure he is there. I am really upset of the negative comments he hads recieved. I have been going to see him forever and NEVRE once have I had a bad experience. PLEASE ONLY JUDGE FOR YOUSELF. I don't like the fact that people can put negative things on here and he does not get a chance to respond. It is UNFAIR and I know how this feels.......it almost costed me my life. Dr. Fedouk helped me deal with this, and from doing something I cannot re-do!!!He is a fabulous Dr. and man. Maybe people should STOP goingto the Dr. for simple COLDS and FLUS. Stop taking up all the seats in the waiting room spreading all you germs, taking all the Dr. time when patents who are REALLY sick and need medical treatment are not WAITING so long to see them. Remeber the commercial........ NOT ALL BUGS NEED DRUGS!!!!!!!!!!  Respond
RID: 834142
18/03/09 5 5 5 5 Dr. Fedoruk treated my condition at the Tecumseh Urgent Care rapidly and effectively. He's incredibly knowledgeable and has a razor-sharp wit that eases the potential discomfort of undergoing medical procedures. If you look at his past history, he's proven himself to be an exceptional Emergency Medicine physician with decades of experience. Always an engaging and witty conversationalist, Dr. Fedoruk truly makes the ordeal of visits to the Emergency Department substantially more bearable.  Respond
RID: 766394
16/01/09 5 4 5 5 years ago i had a eye injury and dr. fedoruk was exellent prescribed eye drops which i finished the prescription as directed and the injury claered up in good time i reccomend him  Respond
RID: 758536
08/01/09 1 1 1 1 I feel this doctor should not be practising. My son hurt his wrist and he said it was fractured. I wasn't working at the time and I had to pay $140.00 for a brace for his fractured wrist. I went back for his recheck X-ray and was asked why am I there he doesn't have a fractured wrist. So I paid out $140.00 for a wrong diagnosis. Did I get this back for his mistake no. I know now if he is on at the clinic to walk out because he doesn't know what a fracture looks like.  Respond
RID: 568747
17/04/08 5 5 5 5 This doctor diagnosed me and gave me a prescription in less than 5 mins. He is up front and FAST. I like him a lot.  Respond
RID: 507563
07/02/08 2 4 1 1 I went into the clinic with a bad cold/cough, that i had for 4 days,( I thought I had pnuemonia) this Dr. did not even examine me, and said that I had the flu and blamed it on me not getting the flu shot. (I have never had the shot and I haven't had the flu in 9 years). He gave me a script for Tami-flu, which I have found out that is only effective on the first 40hrs of illness. I did not like his opinion and went to another clinic where I was examined, and told that I have bronchitis, was put on antibiotics, cough syrup and an inhaler. I feel that Dr. Fedoruk and his staff are just miserable and really don't want people coming back to his office. I know that I will not be going back there!  Respond
RID: 304894
01/05/07 5 5 5 Excellent doctor - moves to attend to an emergency quickly. We need more like him in the community as he has done much to aid the area in getting defilibraters where they can save lives!!  Respond
RID: 302102
28/04/07 4 5 5 Dr. Fedoruk is extremely knowledgeable. He is always to the point and reassuring. Excellent!! Our community is very fortunate to have his expertise.  Respond
RID: 269438
09/04/07 5 5 5 Extremely knowledgable, quick to refer to specialists. Very compassionate.  Respond
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