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Besides Dr. Werzber, Dr. Moshenyat is my second favorite Doctor in th world. Dr. Moshenyat is a very loving, patient, understanding, caring and attentive Doctor I have ever met. He is filled with knowledge and stive to make his patients as healthy as possible. He is the type of doctor that truly follows through with the oath of truly taking the time to make his patients and other patients not affiliated with him as welcome and accomidating as possible. This man is truly a wonderful doctor and anyone that has encounted any time with him would truly have nothing ngative to say about this doctor. He is truly a wonderful person and has always gone out his way to see to it that his patients are treated not only health wise but from the moment you enter into his facility. His Brother Issach Moshenyat, though not physically not my doctor is truly also a caring and wonderful doctor. They are often in the same institute and I have had the pleasure to meet him. Love these doctors and god bless.

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