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RID: 5345534
15/04/14 1 1 3 4 After experiencing this office first hand, I am able to comment that all of the ratings below are sadly true. I am disgusted that people are indeed treated so horribly by The office manager at this clinic. Sadly, as she is also the Doctor's wife, there will likely be no change. Please know that each person has a voice and a choice! The College of Physicians and Surgeons have a complaint process.. Be your own advocate. There are also other physicians available for your treatment. Don't settle. Be referred elsewhere. 
Insurance: AHC
RID: 5323744
02/04/14 2 4 5 5 Each of my last 3 annual review appointments was rescheduled due to a change in Dr. Savage's surgery schedule; which is AOK. What is not OK is that the messages were delivered in such a heavy Eastern accent that my wife and I had to replay them 3 times to be able to determine what was said. I phoned the office and talked to what sounded like a young Canadian woman, albeit never having seen an occidental behind the desk, to confirm my change in appointment and took the opportunity to point out that the last 3 phone messages had been unintelligible. Well, you should have heard the hot, defensive, argumentative denial; followed by a loud hang-up. Dr. Savage is a fine surgeon and a concerned doctor who runs an amazingly efficient clinic; which is the only reason I would return.  Respond
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RID: 3596343
05/11/13 2 3 3 5 I have escorted my Mother to this office for 2 years now. I would first like to say that Dr Savage himself is a very good doctor and cares about his patients. He is one of the nicest doctors I have met and my Mother agrees that he has a wonderful way with his patients. The problem in this office is the Office manager who really is a terrible bully! Neither I or my Mother have been personally attacked by this woman YET, however we have both had to be in the uncomfortable position of witnessing her attacks on other patients almost every time we are there. She is determined to humiliate & degrade for ANY REASON and seems proud of herself for doing it. It is the strangest thing I have ever seen. It is so bad that I am assuming she has some kind of mental health issue that is causing this bizarre behavior. So maybe it isn't really her fault due to an illness, but I sure hope she gets the help she needs so that it isn't so tense in that waiting room!  Respond
RID: 2672819
06/06/13 1 3 3 5 I am writing as a companion to a patient. Dr. Savage is a highly skilled and professional ophthalmologist. His staff are awful. Every time I walk into his office, I feel like I am being barked at by a vicious dog as opposed top being welcomed by a caring receptionist. After today, I will not cross the threshold which unfortunately leaves my partner at the mercy of the wolves! 
Insurance: AHC
Paid (or co-pay): $400
RID: 2588000
17/03/13 1 1 1 5 As the sister of a patient, who has attended several appointments with him. I have to say that Dr Savage knows his stuff and has helped salvage what he can with my brother's eyesight but he has the "bedside manner" of a gorilla. I have a feeling that with the Witch he has for a wife (his office manager) that he is a hen-pecked man if I ever saw one. I cannot imagine having to go home with that witch (and work with her too). I noticed that his staff is 95% Filipino probably because most Canadian techs would not last a month it that office without having it out with HER. Then I am sure she would fire them ASAP. I am so glad I have a different eye doctor, Dr Vivian Hill, she is excellent and a pleasure to interact with plus her staff are excellent. 
Insurance: AHC
RID: 2508112
21/12/12 1 2 2 3 I guess when demand outpaces supply, you can behave horribly and still be successful. This is an assembly line so don’t expect respect or compassion. Bullies rule through intimidation & fear - ‘Savage’ is the perfect name for this pair. WHILE THE FRONT DESK STAFF TAKE THEIR CUES FROM THE DISRESPECTFUL CAROL SAVAGE, IT IS CONDONED BY THE PERSON IN CHARGE, THE DOCTOR. If you don't immediately comply with a directive, prepare to experience eye rolling, raised voices and dirty looks. I asserted patient/privacy rights by asking why they needed non-medical personal information. When the staff couldn't explain, the office manager raised her voice to say without it I couldn't see the doctor. The doctor later said follow the polices or leave. Most of my time was spent being processed by different staff and less than 5 minutes of my 2 hours was with the doctor, who was impersonal and abrupt. Some medical staff were incredibly personable, I hope they finder a nicer place to work. 
Insurance: AHC
RID: 2439192
04/10/12 1 2 1 3 The most horrible experience. The staff is extremely rude and not helpful. First appointment will always be canceled due to unscheduled surgery. They will call you with the a new date,and not even care to ask if this will work for you, basically if it does not too bad for you. What happened to, these are the dates and times that we have available will any of them work for you? If you can find another doctor do it,the frustration is not worth the 2min doc visit.  Respond
RID: 2078750
23/04/12 3 4 3 5 If you can find another eye specialist, go there! Then you will not have to potentially endure the rude, abrupt, demeaning treatment from the office manager?wife. This woman runs this clinic with no apparent compassion or social skills related to dealing with people enduring eye disease. On several occassions she YELLED across the clinic at my 85 year old mom and myself. The staff appear to be quite timid and it feels like you could cut the tension in there with a knife. When she is gone it is a lot more relaxed. When she is there it is somber and when she laughs the staff kind of laugh nervously. I am sure they pay their staff well. It does not take much to see they are a well oiled money making machine. Too bad because the doctor is great.  See Responses
RID: 2004219
10/04/12 1 2 1 5 It takes nerves of steel to go to this clinic. The Office Manager is an extremely rude control freak. She is so controlling that when she is not there, the staff can't think for themselves. They are like robots trained to jump when she tells them. She treat the patients exactly the same way! I hope I NEVER have to go through that ever again. Make sure you study their rules and regulations before you go or you risk public humiliation and abuse. Its so unfortunate because Dr. Savage is very good! But you have to run the gauntlet to get to him. If we could eliminate the check in process and having to deal with that bunch at reception, it wouldn't be that bad. Be prepared to wait hours once you arrive. Bring a good book and ear plugs and keep your back to the reception desk - you might have a better experience if you can't hear or see what's going on. The staff clearly live in fear of this woman and are disfunctional because of it. She would be great working in a prison.  Respond
RID: 1722503
25/02/12 1 1 1 5 I took my 84 year old father for his follow up check up post surgery. The appointment was 2 hours behind and Dr Savage was very good. However, the office manager is an incredible bully of her staff and the seniors that arrive there. I can not believe this goes on, and I will be writing a letter to Alberta Health and will follow this up. Their sign states no abuse will be tolerated, but they freely abuse the patients. This office manager can only be described as a ****.  Respond
RID: 1556796
09/10/11 5 5 5 5 I've been seeing Dr. Savage for several years. I've found him to be kind, knowledgeable, and straight forward. He always answers any questions I have. He's a bit brusque, but with such a busy practice, I feel he is doing a great job. The staff have always been pleasant to me. One asked me to turn off my cell phone once, but in a pleasant manner. I've had no trouble following the rules of what time to arrive and knew how long the appointment would be so I haven't experienced any difficulties, nor have I ever seen the staff be rude to anyone else.  Respond
RID: 1517178
19/08/11 5 3 2 5 As a bystander, not a patient, the way patients and this doctor's staff are treated by who appears to be the office manager (or someone of authority) is the most disgusting display of human interaction that I have ever seen in my life. How does this type of thing go on this day in age?? The worst part is, she seems to be quite pleased with herself at the end of her rants. Completely appalled.  Respond
RID: 1408753
06/04/11 3 3 5 5 When I had an emergency, and was coming in from out-of-town (I’m from 3 hours south of Calgary), Dr. Savage gave me a personal number and asked me to call him when I get to town and said he would let me know when he could operate. I called him after 9:00 PM, and he told me to meet him very early at the hospital – he had booked an available time to accommodate my emergency, meaning he had to operate at @ 4:00 AM!!! I started having retina problems at 35 years of age – I was freaked. I went to Gimbel for a second opinion, and when visiting folks in California visited another eye specialist for a third opinion. By all accounts the work Dr. Savage had performed was top notch. My first visit I entered the hospital without sight, and left seeing. The gentleman next to me came to the hospital with sight, and left blind (had a different eye Dr.). He is, in my opinion, the best available in western Canada, maybe all of Canada.  Respond
RID: 1397956
26/03/11 5 5 5 5 Dr Savage fixed a torn retina that I had on New Years morning.I have been to his office twice and been very well treated.. I have had no problems with the staff and had very good success with the procedure. My appointments have been ontime and I was in and out of the clinic quickly.These drs. are very busy.I have waited as long as 5 hours to see another ophthalmologist when my other retina was detached.If you are unhappy with the wait go somewhere else and pay for it yourself. You can get the same work done in the USA. Bring your gold card.  Respond
RID: 1305266
01/12/10 5 1 1 5 Doctor Savage is wonderful, his wife is a you know what - cannot put on paper, very sad really - that someone has to be that way to get attention.  Respond
RID: 1239984
30/08/10 1 2 2 4 Dr Savage is a very nice and knows his stuff.However,his office manager is rude,and treat patients poorly.please if posseble find a other Doctor,this office is over booked 
Paid (or co-pay): $1650
RID: 1231092
17/08/10 1 1 1 3 I have needed some time to diffuse from our experience with Dr. Savage's office, specifically, the Office Manager. We required a few more answers to my Mom's (89 yrs)treatment plan, as we felt rushed at our visit of June 16, after a three hour wait. I was told by the receptionist to call back on the following Monday, and someone would speak to me, and answer a few quetions. Unfortunately, the person she handed me to was the "OFFICE MANAGER", who blasted me for not being with my Mom for her visit, but would not let me speak.She eventually hung up on me, twice...We had a right to "informed consent". Cancelling all followup appts with Savage,our referring doc gave us a new opthalmologist referral. Soon after Savage's office called with an appt for our questions. We would not deal with this office again. Dr. Savage was abrupt with us as well. What a horrific experience this was for my dear Mom (a case of elder abuse)..I feel for anyone else who has experienced "The Office Manager"....  Respond
RID: 1148641
13/04/10 4 5 5 5 Dr. Savage saved my sight in one eye after a complicated retinal detachment. Yes his clinic is busy, but that's what happens when you're good at what you do. Staff are somewhat rigid in enforcing clinic etiquette, but are very knowledgeable & helpful. They tell you in advance to expect 1-2 hours/appointment, so I'm surprised at how many people are complaining about this on here. I guess if you wan't to be coddled go somewhere else...If you vision is of more concern go to Dr. Savage.  Respond
RID: 1093282
30/01/10 2 2 2 3 My 1st visit to Dr. Savage's office in late '09 wasn't good. The Dr. was abrupt & shook his head when I had trouble holding the lense on my eyeball for laser surgery. During my visit, my wife had an errand & was gone 15 min with my coat. It was Fri nite & at 5:25 they kicked me outside with no coat(-12). My wife arrived in about 5 min & found me shaking outside the office. At my next visit, my wife couldn't sit with me according to Mrs. Savage & patients shook their heads at her rudeness. I made my next appt but wanted to change the time so called & Mrs. Savage said that "I'm not the appointment clerk", and if we look for another time, you'll lose your current appt. I asked if she couldn't look to see what was available and she said, "no, it doesn't work that way". Pretty sad when you can't call to change your appt. If it wasn't for the dr's expertise, I'd never go back. Rude office, especially Mrs Savage, the tyrant. Feel sorry for some staff members;they learned from the best.  Respond
RID: 1088605
25/01/10 1 1 1 1 The comments on this site outline a consistent pattern of abuse in Dr. Savage's office. Carol Savage, Dr. Savage's office manager/ wife routinely berates and disrespects patients and family attendants. She yells at patients, denies service to patients, does not allow family attendants to even wait indoors, in an otherwise empty waiting room. She sends elderly patients, without transportation out into the cold winter weather. Dr Savage too has become increasingly surly and disrespectful to elderly clients. As family members we fear standing up to the abuse for fear that quality care will be jeopardized. Read all the comments on this site. This is a concerning, even dangerous situation. It is time that anyone who suffers from the abuse at Dr. Savage's office complain formally to the Alberta Medical Association and the College of Physicians and Surgeons. No one should be treated this way.  See Responses
RID: 1073237
08/01/10 1 1 1 1 It is unfortunate that the skills of this doctor and the work he does are erased by the abusive nature of the Office Manager. I agree that Dr Savage is one of the best in his field but the whole experience is made virtually unbearable by the verbal and emotional abuse of his wife - not just to the patients but to her staff as well. The professionalism of Dr Savage is completely negated by this foul mouthed and I feel, often **** individual. If it wasnt for his skills I would find an alternative. He does however, have to take ownership of the problems in the waiting room, the overbooking and the rants towards the mostly elderly patients before it becomes his demise.  Respond
RID: 1052477
RID: 1050430
05/12/09 1 1 2 5 I'm 20 years old and had a detatched retina, this was the first surgery I have ever had and was very nervous. Dr. Savage was incredibly knowledgable and helpful. His staff however was a completely different story. I had tried calling for my surgery date (I'm a hairstylist and needed to call my clients asap to reschedule) and I got yelled at by the woman on the other end! When I went for my followup visits at his clinic I was incredibly upset when I saw his wife/office manager yelling at an elderly man who had inquired to how much longer he would have to wait as he had another appointment. I am disgusted at the treatment I have gotten from his staff and if he wasn't the best in North America I wouldn't think twice about telling his staff where to go and how to get there. It's very unfortunete that they can get away with this type of abuse.  Respond
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RID: 980635
04/09/09 5 5 5 5 Dr.Savage has been my Doctor/eye surgeon for 20 years. I could use many adjectives to describe Dr.Savage. All I will say is..He is the best in Canada. I wouldn't trust anyone else. Pertaining to his staff, they deserve so much credit. I once worked in a small medical office. With phones constantly ringing, patients being a tad angry, unexpected emergencies, cancelling and confirming appointments, scheduling surgeries, trying to answer questions from every direction, being knee deep in files, and knowing I couldn't please everyone, I was close to insanity. Walking into the Elbow Retina Centre, I am bewildered as I witness the enormous responsibility it takes to run this office. I must give credit to the office manager, Mrs. Savage, as I have never seen an office run so efficiently. She has always been professional, and I have found her to be genuinely concerned about the patients. I've been in good hands for the past 20 years thanks to Dr.and Mrs.Savage and their incredible staff.  See Responses
RID: 885358
12/05/09 1 1 1 5 I think the staff overbooks Dr. Savage. The waiting room stay was about an hour and then another wait of 3/4 hour after dilation. As there were no seats left in the waiting area, people were standing. The Office Manager (Dr. Savage's wife) berated a woman, loudly, so that everyone looked, and told her not to lean against the wall, as she would leave marks on the wall. What is wrong with this woman. How unprofessional. Its a scary experience, as you don't know what will set her off. I think the other staff members are curt with the patients because they try and emulate the Office Manager. Maybe they get a bonus if they are really rude.  See Responses
RID: 854739
07/04/09 3 2 4 5 I'm from southern Alberta had a detched retina. My optometrist sent me to Calgary to see him at the hospital. He booked me in for surgery right away. If it hadn't been for Dr. Savage, I would be blind in one eye. Yes, his staff and scheduling leave something to be desired. But, as he's the best at what he does, I'm willing to put up with a little inconvenience. And because he's the best, he's incredibly busy. Would all of you who are complaing rather live with the consequences resulting from him not seeing you?  Respond
RID: 843913
27/03/09 4 5 5 5 My experience today was marvelous. On time, friendly staff, wonderful atmosphere. The Red headed office manager was no where to be seen. Could that have amde the difference. Dr. Savage has been looking after my sight for many years. Excellect knowledge, very caring. Good at explaining the procedures.  Respond
RID: 843770
26/03/09 1 1 3 3 I took my Dad to his appointment at the clinic and waited 2 hours. I had the opportunity to sit and watch. I have never seen so much abuse of the elderly as I saw there. Especially the office manager, that woman has way too much power. She is so rude and very verbally abusive. Our senior citizens should be treated better than this. I intend to report this to the necessary authorities and also the local newspaper. These people that come to this clinic pay this man's salary you would think he would care about how his patients are being treated by his staff.  Respond
RID: 799982
25/02/09 4 4 4 5 I was very surprised by my recent visit to Dr. Savage’s clinic, it was actually a pleasant experience. They’ve moved to a new, larger and better organized location. There are a lot more seats in each waiting room, in fact there were more seats than there were people (the old location never had enough seats). There are more exam rooms now, so they are able to move people through the process much faster, and so my appointment didn’t take nearly as long as before. I also found the staff very welcoming, patient, and friendly (you can imagine my surprise, since the staff was normally very unfriendly and curt during previous visits). Perhaps it's because the new location works so much better, or because the red haired office manager wasn’t there (hopefully she doesn’t work there anymore, she was always so rude and condescending to the patients and staff). Dr. Savage is quick and business like, which suites me. I sure hope that the pleasant visit I just had becomes the norm.  Respond
RID: 761990
12/01/09 4 3 4 5 Dr. Savage is very good however I find he is always has to change appt times. His office is very crowded and overbooked.  Respond
RID: 720936
12/11/08 1 5 5 5 I went to the clinic and was also bullied by the office manager. There is a large sign when entering the clinic stating that abuse will not be tolerated as long as the reception staff are the abusers. I was saddened to see all of the elderly people in the wait room because the office manager obviously lacks the impulse control to not overreact. The office manager is by far Dr. Savage's largest liability.  See Responses
RID: 718619
09/11/08 1 5 1 1 I have taken my friend to this office on a number of occasions. Each time Dr. Savage's wife and office manager bullied and was exceptionally rude to patients in front of other patients. She is a person who threatens and upsets the mainly elderly patients. If you speak back to her you will never get to see the doctor again. She should be reported to the Provincial Medical Association, and not be allowed to interact with patients. Please Dr. Savage, get her out of your office.  Respond
RID: 712803
30/10/08 4 4 5 5 I am a type 2 diabetic and Dr. Savage has been looking after my eyesight ever since I was pregnant with my child. I find him to be very knowledgeable and caring toward the patients. The wait times are long but it's worth it to see the best Doc in the business. I have never had a problem with the staff at all. They are obviously under a lot of pressure and they handle it well in my opinion.  See Responses
RID: 699327
09/10/08 1 2 1 1 Today my wife took her 91 year old grandmother to see Dr. Savage, she had with her our two children aged 3 and 4. Her Grandmother has very limited sight, and at this point in her life requires significant assistance. While helping her Grandmother in to the waiting room, she was immediately informed that children weren't allowed there. She was further denied access to a washroom for my 4 year old, who just happens to be a type 1 diabetic (so when she needs to go to the bathroom - it's urgent). I can't attest to the doctor's skills, but the lack of common courtesy to a patient's family - a patient who has paid close to $20K in fees to his practice over the years - is unacceptable.  See Responses
RID: 689367
23/09/08 1 3 4 4 The Doctor himself is perhaps a good by his profession,not very helpful in order to give suggestions and comfort to the patients.Staff that work for Dr.savage is totally unprofessional and unhelpful to the patience who need help.Regarding of problems those patience are facing the staff should be giving more comfort and help than they are actually giving.I moved to another province and called many times to request for a referral letter to another doctor.Every time I called them,they would say"it is in the process of being sent",or something like that,they always found a different answer,until I just gave up and asked my family doctor to do so.I asked for only a plain letter to be written,what else to say.  Respond
RID: 683703
12/09/08 1 3 5 5 Without a doubt, Doc Savage is the leader in his field and I have the upmost respect for him and trust him completely with my eyesite. He has treated my eyes with required surgery several times and does so with extreme efficiency. As for how the office is managed - well, it is an assembly line atmosphere with the good doctor sprinting between patients and appointments. But like the other comments, and after numerous visits over the past ten years - it is safe to say that his 'shop' is not built around customer service. The care by some of the staff is horrific, downright rude, and unhelpfull. Numerous times I have been disgusted by the treatment by the office manager, and when I have spoken out to calm some of these situations - she looked at me with utter contempt (I got silent cheers from the other patients). If it wasn't for the good Doc's exceptional care - I would look elsewhere. This practice is the epitome of taking the exceptionally good with the horribly bad.  Respond
RID: 652615
31/07/08 5 5 5 5 Dr. Savage is a wonderful Dr. Actually he is the best there is in North America and that is why his office is so busy. His wife is the office manager and that is what she does ......She manages the office, staff and patients both. As Dr. Savage has VERY delicate procedures to perform, he requires a quiet atmosphere. As in most offices, cell phones need to be turned off.The darkness of the office is due to the eye sensitivity in all patients that come to him. I would not say trying to see him at the Rockyview is a better choice as I waited patiently for 4 hours. I accept the wait as I know I am in VERY good hands and I believe he is Under appreciated for what he does. As for his wife, I believe she could tone down her demeanor and I understand the frustrations that all the staff are under as I have worked in geriatrics for many years and I took abuse myself by seniors. Rarely have I seen staff rude except for the Mrs.& if you have a complaint,address it right away with the Dr.  Respond
RID: 647121
24/07/08 1 1 1 1 I have no idea if dr savage is knowledgable or not. My mom is very ill and tried to see him to followup on an exam that was done 2 months before. She was told she couldn't see him unless she had her eyes dilated. This had already been done, my mom just wanted the results. The red haired woman was extremely rude and yelled information from my mom's chart across the room full of patients. Finally we got to see the doctor for 5minutes asked the questions we needed and were getting ready to leave, the same woman came back and told us we had to leave. I was trying to help my mom out of the room and they (three or four woman in professional uniform) wouldn't get out of the way. When I gestured (no rude or obsene) for them to stop blcking the doorway, they said they would call the police and have us charged with assalt. I said I had no intention of touching them, they were in the way. When we got outside the office, we were told by someone watching that the redhaired woman was his wife  Respond
RID: 615926
18/06/08 4 4 5 5 Great doctor, very knowledgeable and took the time to answer all my questions. Somewhat reserved, but who cares - he was very helpful. Extremely busy office, but I found it to be a friendly atmosphere.  Respond
RID: 430594
17/10/07 5 5 5 5 I was workin construction and got a piece of metal in my eye. I went to an optometrist, thinkin he could help. Little did I know optometrists are only for glasses and know nothin medically about eyes. Dr Savage and his kind staff were nice enough to see me right away and he performed surgery on my eye that same night. I admit his office was busy and people told me they were waiting up to 2 hours, but after the surgery the nurse in the hospital told me that Dr Savage was the best retinal specialist in town and I was lucky to get him. I had to go back four times over the next few weks and each time his office was really busy, but the staff were nice and do the best with what they have. If ya ask me, these other people on this are wrong about the place. As far as the office manager goes, she's got it pretty tough. most of the people in there are old and don't hear so good, or don't speak English. it's like she's baby sittin them. I'd like to see how these other folks would do in her shoes  Respond
RID: 422340
01/10/07 4 5 4 5 I have been seeing Dr. Savage for seven years now and without his consistent care, it is conceivable I would not be able to see out of one eye.  Respond
RID: 353554
25/06/07 2 1 2 I was informed by dr. savage after 10 years of clinic visits that i was no longer welcome in his office and he would only see me @rockyview hosp.why?a patient was dropped off by her husband an hour before her appt and the staff told her she would have to find a place to go ,she could't stay there.It was feb 28 below and 7:30a.m.!She was quite shaken by this,and so was I. Politely I asked if they would reconsider and they said NO!My appt was in 30 min so we both went out in the frigid cold and found a Sub shop open. It was the office manager who decided she no longer wanted me in the office.I will not stand by and allow patients to be degraded,embarrased,humiliated,especially our elderly and our new canadians.The nurses that work in the back are lovely women who love to laugh,and they care.office manager is dr.savage's wife!!  Respond
RID: 330864
28/05/07 1 1 3 I recently was a patient at Dr Savage's clinic. His office manager is very rude and unprofessional, she also seemed slightly intoxicated!! He needs to fire her. I will never go there again.  Respond
RID: 324215
20/05/07 1 2 4 Dr. Savage is fine as a doctor and I believe he knows his stuff. However, his staff are rude, condescending and treat patients like naughty little children. I have gone to many specialists and have never received treatment like this. I will never go to Dr. Savage's office again simply because of his staff.  Respond
RID: 310550
06/05/07 1 3 5 This doctor seems pretty good but his staff are the worst. I've found them to be rude and unsympathetic to those waiting hours to see the doctor. They have little regard for others. I've also noticed that the gals that seem to try to be helpful don't last long and are usually gone by the next visit.  Respond
RID: 305047
01/05/07 3 5 5 I had a checkup with Dr. Savage last week, just after reading these ratings so watched the office staff. They place was extremely busy around 11AM but everyone seemed polite and helpful. I tried to pickout the office manager referenced above but saw no one with a poor attitude. Maybe it was her day off. There must have been about 8 assistants working at the time. There is a sign that says to expect to wait 2 hrs from the time of the appt until you are 'processed'. I had the initial exam and drops in the eyes within 30 minutes of arrival but did have to wait another hour to see the doctor but that exam only took about 10 minutes... so I was close to the 2 hour time the sign warned me of. I know 2 others who have had surgery via Dr. Savage and both are very satisfied.  Respond
RID: 292997
22/04/07 1 1 5 this doctor is very good. However, it takes 3-4hours in his waiting room to get into see him. If you see him at a hospital it is better. His system at his private office is not good at all and his receptionists are very unmannerly. Actually to the point at times of patient harrassment. Have never seen so many posted rules in a Doctor's office like in this one.  Respond
RID: 274266
12/04/07 2 5 5 Dr. Savage is highly knowledgeable about the newest treatments and highly skilled, even goes out of his way to help patients - but I agree with others regarding his office manager. She could use some people skills. I too have heard her and the staff berate patients. Staff told off a woman for trying to help an elderly patient get a taxi by using her cell phone. The poor woman needed help and this other person was kind enough to help, rules could have been bent in this case but the office manager would not allow it. The whole episode was very cold.  Respond
RID: 264278
06/04/07 5 5 5 I would still be going to see him but his office manager is basically untruthful, refuses to admit mistakes and extremely argumentative. She on the Dr's behalf refused me treatment,called me a liar. This resulted in temporary loss of sight in one eye. She on numerous occasions has been observed berating patients in the waiting room. The Dr. is very business like somewhat cold and very good at what he does. I have even heard negative comments from GP's about the office manager. In my opinion she should not work anywhere near the public. It would lighten up that office considerably. Her refusal to accept me was based on a six month recall appointment I missed After I had moved out of province 5 months earlier. I wanted to talk to the Dr and she told me should would call the police if I showed up at the office. This woman has in my opion delusions of grandeur and feels she is the Dr. Love the Dr. Hate her.  Respond
RID: 253464
02/04/07 2 5 5 Dr Savage has performed 2 surgeries on my eye. He is top notch and seems to genuinely care about his patients. If you need non-cosmetic eye surgery I highly recommend Dr Savage.  Respond
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