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Ear Nose and Throat (ENT)-related: ears, nose, throat, hearing loss, tonsillitis, nasal surgery, endoscopy, laryngology, reconstructive surgery of the head and neck, thyroid surgery, endoscopic sinus surgery, swallowing disorders, sleep apnea, vertigo
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RID: 5568094
18/06/14 4 3 5 5 Excellent ENT. Dr Gooden did my sinus surgery, and did an excellent job. This was my third surgery, but the best one. Very smooth recovery. Almost didn't have to take pain killer. My sense of smell that I had lost for a few years is back. I strongly recommend him.  Respond
RID: 5286196
19/03/14 1 1 1 1 I visited this office three times and will never step in there again in my whole life. Waiting time is huge, surgeon sent me for biopsies twice because first time was not good enough, instead of calling me to let me know I need to repeat the biopsy they made me an appt in couple months only for me to wait to see him for over an hour for him to tell me you need a second biopsy because first one was not good enough. Anyways I agreed to have second one done and guess what was not good enough either. Are you ready? He suggested removing the thyroid based on inconclusive result. I never went back and since then I have been going to mount sinai and they were able to do biopsy with no problem. And guess what result was normal. If it was up to Dr. Gooden he would have removed my thyroid for no reason. Overall office gets very poor rating.  Respond
RID: 2648117
14/05/13 1 1 1 4 I did not visit Dr. Gooden regularly, maybe once a year and I have been seeing him for years. He performed sinus surgery on me years ago. I was surprised to find during my recent visit that his secretary who has been working for him for years is no longer there. She’s fabulous, down to the earth, straight forward, definitely a person with no bull-s…. & really the driver in the office. While people tends to be easily deceived by someone who’s bluffing around, it’s hard to find someone like her who’s really there when you need help. Now I couldn’t even get hold with any human being on the line every time I call. No doubt Dr. Gooden is a good surgeon, but office cannot function properly without capable & devoted staff. I have no idea what had happened but something must have gone wrong. What a great LOSS to this great surgeon & his office!!!  Respond
RID: 2642293
07/05/13 1 1 1 1 I was referred to Dr. Gooden approx. 3 weeks ago and they have not called me to book an appointment. My family doctor advised me to give them a call and I did but noone ever answers the phone. Already left 3 voice mails and still nothing. If they cannot even return patient's calls, I don't even want to imagine the doctors office. First impression - poor poor poor!  Respond
RID: 2481631
24/11/12 5 2 5 5 Doctor Gooden is a CHAMP!!! I am so glad that I had him do my Septoplasty so I can finally breathe. Everton Gooden is a very smart and knowledgeable doctor and a surgeon. People have to look past the little things such as appointments taking too long and not be cry babies about it. I get it, it might not be professional or punctual to have patients wait for awhile but he has a lot of patients. Staff in the office are rude, but his secretary Anam is the best. She is very polite and helpful, just over all a nice person to deal with. He is also not a small talk individual and straight to the point while answering all of your questions so don't be surprised if you are the type of person to chat with doctors.  Respond
RID: 1711940
12/02/12 4 4 5 5 Have been seeing this doctor for years. He operated on me a few years back for sinus problems. His care has always been excellent. Awesome bedside manner and genuin careing. I would def recommend without hesitation.  Respond
RID: 1709431
09/02/12 2 2 2 2 Saw this doctor for nose & throat problems..he performed surgery on me with no positive results. Found out later that the surgery was not required.He could not help me so he sent me back to my family doctor. What a waste of 2 years of tests/surgery/recovery!  Respond
RID: 1706568
07/02/12 5 5 5 5 This was my first visit to see Dr. Gooden, and was as pleasant as he could make it under the circumstances. was very imformative, seemed very genuine, and answered questions before i had a chance to even ask them. I look forward to him doing my scheduled surgery and trust his knowledge. The ladies in front were busy but were not rude, I understand their job is not the most pleasant at times when dealing with difficult patients, or impatient ones. Treat others as you wish to be treated.  Respond
RID: 1697031
26/01/12 1 1 1 2 Horrible waiting times!! And rude staff and doctor! Highly do not recommend!!!  Respond
RID: 1654750
07/12/11 4 1 5 5 I was referred to Dr. Gooden for a thyroid biospy which initially came back as benign. Dr. Gooden decided to order more tests, and in the end, did my thyroid surgery which ended up being thyroid cancer. Dr. Gooden was professional, confident, straight-forward and caring in all his interactions with me. He gave me information about all my options and answered all my questions. I am so grateful to him for taking care of my thyroid problem. His staff was friendly and helpful to me, but the office is very busy and it is true about the wait times - usually very long(can be 1 hour or so).  See Responses
RID: 1538794
15/09/11 1 1 1 2 I've been to see him three times and each time have had to wait 1.5-2 hours. I had a severely deviated septum, as confirmed by an airflow test, although he initially said that I did not need surgery and made me see three other doctors before coming back to him for surgery. Post-septoplasty I told him my left nostril was plugged, and he didn't go anything about it. Told him I couldn't hear out of my right ear due to an enflamed eustachian tube and instead of trying to do further tests or investigate the situation further he said it's something I "just have to live with." My right ear is severely blocked, and aside from (after a year of wasting my time running around seeing other doctors) finally performing septoplasty for me, he is an awful physician. His staff is unfriendly. They have a sign behind their desk saying "I can only please one person a day. Today is not your day. Tomorrow doesn't look good either." This attitude pretty much sums up my disappointing experience with this dr.  Respond
RID: 1436047
09/05/11 1 3 5 5 Dr. Gooden is excellent. The staff is awful. Today is the 9th of May, called last week was told they were booking in June and I'd need a doctor's referral since I haven't seen Dr. Gooden in a year and a half, called again today to make sure they got the referral and to make the appointment...I was booked for the 6th of October! Not only that but I was basically called a liar by other words when I mentioned the discrepancy between the booking date I was given this week and what I was told last week. The younger sounding assistant seems to be nice and helpful, the older sounding lady with an accent seems to be the one running things and souring patient's experience with the doctor. I had nasal polyps removed by him and he was extremely professional and did a better job than a previous doctor. Too bad about the incompetent and unpleasant staff.  Respond
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RID: 1385853
12/03/11 5 5 5 5 Excellent bed side manner, and very professional. He saved my life with an no open throat surgery and I would have died without his top-notch surgical skills.  Respond
RID: 1367318
19/02/11 4 4 5 5 Had Thyroid surgery last week by this Doctor. Everything went smooth. Excellent bed side manner. Answers all your questions and really puts you at ease.  Respond
RID: 1334920
12/01/11 4 1 5 5 Had total thyroidectomy - healed very well though the scar is noticeable (that's just how I heal)... wait times were insane for office visits but the Dr. is very nice and instills confidence. Would recommend him, but expect at least an hour wait past your appointment time.  Respond
RID: 1327080
04/01/11 5 5 5 5 Dr. Gooden did my thyroid surgery. I thought he did a wonderful job. The scar is hardly noticable. He came to see me several times in the hospital, kept in touch with the nursing staff, even followed up with me once I got home. Excellent doctor.  Respond
RID: 1288346
07/11/10 5 4 5 5 Dr. Gooden is absolutely first-rate. A very kind and patient physician who is superbly knowledgeable. He did a partial thyroidectomy on me and it was impeccably done, and I recovered quickly and well. I am so grateful to have had him as a doctor.  Respond
RID: 1281906
28/10/10 5 5 5 5 Dr.Gooden is effecient, knowledgable and pocesses a very caring heart. The best of the best in my opinion.  Respond
RID: 1238987
28/08/10 5 2 3 4 He is often behind in time management but his secretary is helpful.  Respond
RID: 1233199
20/08/10 5 2 4 4 He is generally OK. But I think he overbooks. His secretary is very very good. She does her job well even though she obviously has to deal with a lot of things all at the same time. I hope she is not underpaid!  Respond
RID: 1128044
15/03/10 1 2 1 1 I'm writing this because my family doctor decided to send me to dr. Gooden based on the good reviews from ratemds. When I saw the name I realized I have met him before and I was shocked to see this is the same doctor who thoroughly disappointed me some years ago. I tried to cancel my appointment an entire week only to get to a message informing me that the building is in renovation and I can't leave messages. I called until the last minute of the appointment but nobody ever answered the phone. My opinion about dr. Gooden is very low because (after two of the shortest possible appointments) I received from him a CT scan at the RIGHT orbit instead of LEFT (after repeating several times that the problem is on the left side). I left the hospital with my problem unsolved and no recommendation to another specialist! (He also ignored my chronic rhinitis and managed to be the rudest doctor I've seen in my life!)  Respond
RID: 1087912
25/01/10 2 1 4 4 Dr. Gooden was consistently 1 hr late for appointments. I thought this was due to patients taking longer but when I had the first appt. of the day the door was not opened until 1/2 hour PAST the appt. time, and he was double booked so I did not even get in to see him until 45 min past my appt. time. He has good bedside manner and is professional in all other matters however, I did not go back to him for a follow up after surgery because I was appalled by his lack of professionalism in treating patients time with respect.  Respond
RID: 887587
14/05/09 4 2 4 4 Didnt solve my problem, but offered suggestions. Nice manner, and would go to him again. Wait time in office was long and space crowded.  Respond
RID: 875847
01/05/09 5 5 5 5 Dr. Gooden is truly top notch. He is very professional, thorough and pleasant to have as a doctor. I would recommend him to anyone looking for an ENT.  Respond
RID: 668862
19/08/08 5 5 5 5 Dr. Gooden performed a tonsillectomy on my 3 year old son and 6 months later snipped my 10 month old's tongue tie! Both minor surgeries were quick and completed with care, professionalism and awesome bedside manner. Dr. Gooden is very dedicated to his work and is highly recommended! Thank you Dr. Gooden for all your help this past year!  See Responses
RID: 606147
RID: 520755
22/02/08 4 5 5 5 Very pleasant to deal with. Very knowledgable and easy to talk to. Explains thing very well.  Respond
RID: 443183
12/11/07 5 5 5 5 Amazing surgeon and patient skills. Very calming manner, explains everything clearly and provides concise options. Surgery completed with any problems and 100% successful. I would recommend him to anyone and his office staff are also very pleasant and effecient. I had a straight forward adult tonsillectomy (first surgery)and Dr. Gooden did a fantastic job. Everyone I came in to contact with had nothing but good things to say about his skills and pleasing bedside manner.  Respond
RID: 282679
16/04/07 1 5 5 Very professional and thorough. Has a pleasing manner and quickly puts you at ease.  Respond
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