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RID: 2508906
22/12/12 5 4 5 5 My son was in a bad MVA and transported to Royal Inland Hospital. Although Dr. Chevalier and I didn't start off on the best terms in regards to "I'm still his mother" he ultimately ended up being a very nice man. Treated my son very well, and fused my sons c-spine with amazing hands. Only 1 day post surgery, he is up and walking like a trooper... Overall, I would recommend this Dr, as his patients quality of life is his priority  Respond
RID: 2446718
14/10/12 5 4 5 5 Dr. Chevalier has been my Neurosurgeon of choice for a number of years, and has helped me immensely with my chronic pain and back issues. He and his receptionist Cathy, have always treated me very well and are always very friendly. He has been extremely helpful in trying to figure out different procedures that may benefit me. I have the upmost respect for him, and he is an amazing surgeon. I trust him wholeheartedy to perform any procedure on my back.  Respond
RID: 1667474
21/12/11 5 5 5 5 I celebrated my "second first birthday" on December 6, 2011. This was the 1st anniversary of my brain surgery - removing of a tumor. I was in best hands from the very beginning of this process, during my stay in hospital (daily visit) and with all the care after. Thank you to Dr.Chevalier and all of his team!  Respond
RID: 1562974
17/10/11 1 1 1 3 My boyfriend broke his back, T6-8, and spent 8 days in Kamloops hospital. Chevalier was supposed to come by within hours of our arrival at the hospital, and we did not see him till 3 days into the hospital stay. And when he arrived, he was rude, pompous, seemingly annoyed, and didn't let anyone say anything. I'd say he likes to listen to his own voice a little too much. When his spine was finally looked at Chevalier said he didn't want to do surgery. Months later at the 1st check up, he back tracked and said he should have done the surgery at the beginning. Months later at his 2nd check up, he arrived for his appointment, and the office staff rescheduled him without informing him, and they could not even confirm the appointment because they had their computers unplugged because of renovations. A reschedule would not have been that big of a deal, except the fact that he lives 7 hours away. Both him and his staff are unhelpful and unprofessional. NOT impressed.  Respond
RID: 1432285
04/05/11 5 5 5 5 Mid Dec., 2008 I was finally correctly diagnosed with a extra large Meningioma Brain Tumour. 3 surgeons turned down the oportunity of removing it, and Dr. J.F. Chevalier, notwithstanding the extreme size & time involved in excising the tumour, accepted me as his patient. He worked closely with my advocate and on Jan. 9, 2009, after a 12 hour surgical procedure, he & his team gave me back my life. Dr. Chevalier has gifted hands & an abundance of knowledge and abilities, making him an expert in this field. His "bed side" manner may leave something to be desired, but on the whole, he never failed me nor my advocate & family once. During follow-up visits, he answered all my questions thoroughly and helped me understand what had happened to me over that 30 year period. I am a walking tribute to his abilities, knowledge & extensive and ongoing trainings. I was fortunate - Dr. Chevalier was a blessing bestowed on me, without my knowledge. Thank you Dr. Chevalier & your team & staff.  Respond
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RID: 1414175
12/04/11 5 5 5 5 I was diagnosed with a benign brain tumour in June 2009. He had his receptionist move up my appt twice, because of the seriousness of my situation. I was booked for surgery a week after I saw him. He took a hour and a half with my husband and I, explaining the situation and detailing the surgery. I ended up having a 9 hour surgery. He saw me everyday of the week I was in the hospital. I would not hesitate at all to recommend this doctor - he was awesome!  Respond
RID: 1364888
16/02/11 4 3 1 2 I was very disappointed after 24 months of waiting to see this Doctor. I was diagnosed after a MRI that I had Spinal Stenosis as well as 3 other things. When I saw Dr. C. He put his head down and shook it back and forth and said that MRI's don't tell you anything. After we talked then he looked at my Scan and realized that I have 4 things wrong with my back including Spinal Stenosis. Then he started back tracking. He also seems to have a problem with over weight people. (I'm about 25 lbs. overweight) Talked about having a new baby and how his wife is doing the babies room. At the end of the appointment we went to the outer office and he looked down at his feet and said you have to be in my shoes to know how much pain some people are in. In other words I didn't matter much. That is how I felt when I left there. Waiting to see another Dr. who has a very good rating.  Respond
RID: 1104099
11/02/10 5 5 5 5 great doctor. he and i agree on a variety of subjects. i was glad he chose to prescribe generics rather than expensive name-brand drugs. he doesn't **** you either which I like. When you are in a rough situation you need real answers and not fluff to make you feel better. My situation sucked but Chevalier did what he could to help me through. thanks doc  Respond
RID: 1068483
03/01/10 5 1 1 1 A very rude attitude. Won't let the patient talk plus said, I am very tired. My mind is already with someone else. I don't have the time to answer all your questions . He shouldn't be a doctor at all.  Respond
RID: 1043492
26/11/09 5 4 1 1 The Doctor walked in the office and before he even had my pictures up on the computer he was being very rude and seemed bothered to have me there. He didn't even have my latest MRI before telling me there was nothing wrong. When my family Doc sent over the most recent MRI the next day, he refused to even look at them. Fool is what he is as far as I'm concerned. I have 3 bulging discs, sciatica, 2 vertabre rubbing together and am almost bedridden 2-4 days per month. I'm on 200mgs of morphine/day as well as muscle relaxants and now stomach meds to name a few. I also use medicinal marijuana which should be used in treatments more often in my opinion (I have a federal exemption). I'm in constant pain but I wouldn't let this Doc come near me again, just because of how I was treated in his office and his complete lac of professionalism.  Respond
RID: 978157
02/09/09 4 2 5 5 Excellent Doctor. Only problem is, he has more office assessments/visits than surgery time at the hospital - 1 day a week, sometimes 2 - so long wait while patients suffer pain.  Respond
RID: 960945
12/08/09 3 3 1 3 My father had his back broken in 7 places and was sent from Williams Lake to Kamloops via ambulance. 4 days later this Dr. wanted to kick him out and find his own way back to Williams Lake on his own. Besides being in pain and still being confused of where he was,he had no way being moved other than flat on his back. After calling his personal Dr. & talking to administration ( which he did not want us doing) he was driven back to WL in an ambulance & spent a few more days there before he was well enough to gain strength & be able to move more that a few feet at a time by himself. this may be in part to the sorry state of the BC medical system but... Thanks for nothing DR. !  Respond
RID: 860172
13/04/09 5 5 4 5 As a trauma patient, I was totally unprepared for what lay ahead. Dr. Chevalier was most reassuring, had good bedside manner and is highly efficient, is very proud of his operating team's abilities and his own. Follow-up: I have been reassured of his availability should I have any need to seek his counsel over ANY issues. I consider myself most fortunate he was the neurosurgeon 'on call' the day of my accident in April, 2008.  Respond
RID: 847583
30/03/09 4 3 4 5 I would just like to say that I have had back pain ongoing for 7 years now. I am young and it has really affected my life. It was orriginally a WCB claim in which I was talked down to by most specialists that I saw. Dr. Chevalier was very pleasant and helpful and was the first one to mention problems with my facet joints, in which he went ahead and did a facet Rhyzotomy. What a difference!I got a year of releif from that which was a blessing. Since then he has done 1 more rhyzotomy and scheduled some prolotherapy to strengthen the ligaments in my back. I'm not 100 % better, but he is really trying his best to bring me relief, and I think we are really lucky to have him here. He has never once been disrespectful.  Respond
RID: 805639
03/03/09 3 3 5 5 Dr. Chevalier could practice anywhere, he chose Kamloops, you have no idea how lucky you are. He performed my C6/7 Discectomy and fusion in 2004 at Foothills. He is committed and works around the clock. I'm sorry for those who felt he was rude, I can only say he was more than kind, patient and professional with me. He did a great job on my proceedure. Most of the population over 40 has disc degeneration; surgery should be the last resort. Losing weight and working on having strong muscles to support our spines IS OUR RESPONSIBILTY. Dr.s are not magicians. You won't have the best outcome for ANY surgery when you are overweight. We must take responsiblity for what we can and then look to Specialists when that fails...Of course there are many Dr.s out there who don't seem to care but Dr. Chevalier is not one of them.  Respond
RID: 715753
04/11/08 3 3 4 4 I have been to see him once already and he has been quite patient in allowing me to form a decision about my neck. I have 2 pinched nerves a buldged disc and a herniated disc and the ehrniated disc is encroaching on my spinal cord. He recommended a discotomy but from the front of the neck not the back. I ahve had somev ery large worries about this that have not gone away. He has agreed to see me again to further discuss my medical issues and to answer any questions i might have. I think this is very admirable of him. He could of told me to forget coming back as some other specialists may have. Kudos to you Dr. Chevalier.  Respond
RID: 661061
10/08/08 5 5 5 5 Dr.Chevalier is an excellent surgeon, I am thankful to have such a qualified Neurosurgeon here in my own community. Dr. Chevalier was honest,direct,and respectful when discussing my diagnosis, treatment and surgery. My husband and I were shocked when we first saw my MRI result. He took the time to talk to us, explaining the pros and cons of surgery. He answered all of our questions, and discussed post surgical care. I had my surgery in April and it was a success. Everything was taken care of from start to finish, including a pre-op clinic at the hospital and post-op office visit. I was in the hospital 11 days, Dr.Chevalier checked on my progress 10 of these. Dr.Chevalier is the best of the best!  Respond
RID: 449157
23/11/07 4 3 4 4 Even though it takes forever to get into see any kind of specialist I just want to say Dr. Chevalier was very kind and listened to my concerns.  Respond
RID: 341985
10/06/07 1 2 3 My sister went to this doctor about her back, she has been in agony for 2 months. Her GP ordered a cat scan and found spinal damage that was badly affecting her sciatic nerve, this doctor however found nothing seriously wrong and has ordered a cortisone shot. She is taking roughly 40-50 mg's of morphine along with tylenol every day, and has been for 1 month...by the time this is fixed, she will have another "just as difficult" problem to deal with - withdrawal from narcotics. I went with her to this appointment, and found him to be very condescending, and extremely impatient. The only good thing about is...if I ever have to see a specialist of this particular type of practice - I will ask to be referred to someone else.  Respond
RID: 336975
04/06/07 2 1 1 this dr. seen my daughter in emergency when she was in a car accident. he was very rude, a complaint by the head nurse about him also to director of hospital. he had her crying several times when she was in a neck brace with a broken neck. she had an open wound on her elbow and he touched it and she said it hurt and he said don't be a baby. but in the end he knew what he was doing and she was pleased.  Respond
RID: 335354
02/06/07 2 1 1 I had been having lower back pain with sciatic nerve pain all the way down my right leg.Saw my gp who ordered a cat scan.Went to see Chevalier who sat there and looked over my scans.When I started to ask him a question about one of the scans he shushed me and told me I could ask questions when he was finished looking at them.He finished,closed the screens on his computer so there was no longer the image there to ask the question about.My husband tried to ask a question and he too was shushed. He too told me that I should go home lost weight, exercise and quit smoking and that would cure my back problem!Hard to figure how that would get rid of bone spurs that are growing inside my vertebrae.So am still in pain 2 years now.In the response letter to my dr he said I "denied" using illegal drugs which said to me he thought I was lying. And said my husband sat there and read a magazine through the whole app with no input.Do not waste your time going to this Dr if you are hoping to get help.  See Responses
RID: 312297
08/05/07 1 1 1 I waited for months in terrible pain before finally getting in to see Dr. Chevalier, and had high hopes that he could help me. Apon my first(and only) visit with him he said to me, that my problems were caused because I was fat, and if I lost weight my back problems would go away, he said to me that I needed to start listening with my ears, not my stomach. During this visit he never offered to do any tests, or research into the problem that was causing the pain, "other than losing weight". I left his office speachless and in tears. Thankfully my family doctor referred me to a different specialist in Kelowna, shortly after seeing the new doctor I was scheduled for back surgery...it turned out I have degenerative back disease. A disease I was born with.  Respond
RID: 244385
29/03/07 1 1 5 Have been waiting since Sept.16/06 to get in to see him...;-(  Respond
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