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Dr. William McDonald
Oral Surgeon-related: dental implants, tooth removal, TMJ, jaw surgery
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RID: 5579724
26/06/14 3 1 1 1 I saw Dr. McDonald for an initial consultation regarding jaw surgery for my underbite. Not only was the wait list very long, the service provided was poor. He could sure work on his bedside manner. After the information was provided to me, I went for consultation with an another oral surgeon who was the polar opposite- Friendly and genuinely caring. Plus no wiring after surgery! Word of advice- Explore your options.  Respond
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RID: 2507398
20/12/12 4 5 5 5 I had jaw surgery from another surgeon in Vancouver when I was 15 and it was horrific. 10 years later I went to Dr. McDonald to fix what had been done, and was blown away at the results. My recovery was far less than my original surgery and the results were amazing. I would recommend Dr McDonald to anyone. I trust him, and I don't trust many doctors after my original experience!  Respond
RID: 2506678
19/12/12 5 5 5 5 i love this guy! Trusting and caring,easy going and extremely concerned about how you are feeling brilliant and methodical... he is the best in his field. I will only go to Dr. MacDonald. He is a dentists' oral surgeon. They all go to him!!!The staff are amazing as well!!  Respond
RID: 1650685
02/12/11 5 5 5 5 Dr. William McDonald is def one of the best Oral Surgeon in town.I had a jaw surgery with him,and not much swollen and hurt after surgery,recovered really fast.Thanks god I choose Dr Mcdonald,he is the man,he is my hero.  Respond
RID: 1505763
06/08/11 5 5 5 5 Dr. McDonald, or D-Mc as my husband calls him, is my hero. I have been in his care for 4.5 years, and have benefited immeasurably from his wealth of knowledge in the area of my relatively unknown disease. Without him, I would likely be in a wheelchair. But, because of him I am walking, working and returning to school. Dr. McDonald does not give up; he will dig far and wide to find answers and then again to find the right treatment for each patient. Having spent several months of the past 4 years in hospital, I can tell you that his patients (and their loved ones) adore as much as admire him, to the extent that they travel great distances to see him. That his staff are loyal, informed and empathetic is testament to his character and skill. If I were to write my thesis on medical superheroes, he would surely be my Superman. Actually, he already is.  Respond
RID: 1486052
13/07/11 5 5 5 5 Very personable, kind, and understanding. Highly recommended.  Respond
RID: 1445465
19/05/11 4 5 5 5 Amazing recovery - teenager wanted to go out the same night he had wisdom teeth removed. My two boys had wisdom teeth removed by different specialists. First (NOT done by Dr. McDonald) was a straightforward removal of two teeth, followed by swelling and pain for 3 days. Conversely, Dr. McDonald removed the more impacted and difficult teeth from the second son. I don't know how Dr. McDonald did it, but the recovery time was almost non existent. His patient wanted to go out that night (not!) and had no pain at all - just mild discomfort the first day. Comparing the experience, Dr. McDonald wins hands down. I think surgery interviews must be boring for a Dr. - they cover the same information over and over again so don't let the interview be the deciding factor. It's his surgical technique that really matters and he did a fabulous job!  Respond
RID: 1430370
02/05/11 5 5 5 5 I had jaw surgery a few months ago and so far love the results. Dr McDonald is very knowledgeable and helpful  Respond
RID: 1429081
30/04/11 5 5 5 5 I had jaw surgery with Dr. McDonald back in 2009. It was a corrective surgery that was done by another oral surgeon. He was straight forward and told me what could be done. He listened to me and was supportive. Thanks to him, I regained my confidence, I finally got my braces off, and I was able to move on with my life. I couldn't ask more from this doctor. He is absolutely wonderful. I wish all the oral surgeons were kind hearted as he is. He's a great professor and doctor. He's one badass rock star! 
Paid (or co-pay): $2500
RID: 1389409
16/03/11 5 5 5 5 Wonderful, kind and helpful Doctor. Found answer to serious medical problem that others had missed.Willing to refer to others if necessary. Very special person  Respond
RID: 1352335
01/02/11 5 5 5 5 Dr.McDonald is one of the most wonderful Dr. we have ever come in contact with. He has worked with my husband to take cancer pain away and has even phoned to check up on him. We cannot say enough good things to describe him and his staff (Louise, Jennifer and Sabine) at the pain clinic at St Paul's Hosp. Besides being such a caring, professional, human, good humoured, concientous wonderful man. He is our hero!!!!!  Respond
RID: 1333872
11/01/11 5 5 5 5 Dr McDonald is a confident, knowledgeable surgeon. I met other surgeons before him and after my consultation I knew he was the right Doctor for the job. Its been 7 months and I'm extremely happy with the results. He is very professional. I recommend him.  Respond
RID: 1276940
21/10/10 5 4 5 5 Dr. MacDonald is an anaethesiologist in the pain centre at St. Paul's Hospital. He is fantastic, great bedside manner, very human, funny, and helpful. He never makes you feel stupid or annoying when you ask a question or don't understand, and is very realistic and understanding. I wish all my docs were as great as Dr. McDonald!  Respond
RID: 1190161
15/06/10 5 5 5 5 I had orthgnathic surgery (upper & lower jaw) done by Dr. MacDonald to correct an underbite and he did an excellent job. It's been about 7 months since the surgery and my bite is perfect. I have minor chin numbness and slight puffiness still, but it is subsiding every month. He can answer any relevant question with confident and BS free answers. He is extremely knowledgable and is a man of his craft. I would recommend him to anyone - he is outstanding! 
Paid (or co-pay): $4500
RID: 1165967
10/05/10 3 4 1 5 Couple months ago, I had a very short (18mins!!!) surgery consultation with McDonald. It was one of the worst doctor consultations I have ever had. He did not go over the surgery in detail with me; however, general information regarding the surgery was given. For some reason during my consultation with him, I had a feeling either he does not like me or he had a very bad day. The doctor kept on looking out the window while he was talking me. ..I left the clinic with many unanswered questions…  Respond
RID: 1100125
08/02/10 4 5 5 5 Dr. McDonald's competence and good nature make him the most reassuring doctor I've met. His knowledge and character allowed me to focus on the positive aspects of the work being done, and sail right through post-operative recovery - with no complications, obviously. I only wish I could deal with doctors like him in every field!  Respond
RID: 855934
08/04/09 5 5 5 5 Dr McD is amazing. He is a huge guy but he is so gentle. He did both my jaws and removed my wisdom teeth before they even grew in. My jaw healed so well I didn't even need a splint and I was eating solids after a week and a half (with some difficulty) He kept follow up appointments and is very genuine. I would not recommend anyone else for oral suguries. He is the best! 
Paid (or co-pay): $7000
RID: 806779
04/03/09 5 5 5 5 I had my premolars removed by Dr. McDonald. He was very skilled and careful. He answered all my questions about jaw surgery very carefully and honestly. Put me at ease.  Respond
RID: 654061
01/08/08 1 5 5 5 SECRETARY.. After two separate visits.. THe reception was awful.. I called in .. with payment.. then found out it was double what was quoted.. when I told her I needed a few hours .. She kept asking if I was cancelling.. 3 times!.. I do not think she has the doctors best interest at heart.. My daughter had 'dry socket' after.. I had to pay another dentist.. she would not go back because the secretary scared her.. I have complained about her before (years) via personal letter.. I wonder if it was intercepted...  Respond
RID: 512990
13/02/08 5 5 5 5 Best doctor I seen ever! Did jaw surgery for me - was very complicate case, but results are excellent!!! I would recommend him to anyone who needs oral surgery  Respond
RID: 493998
24/01/08 5 4 5 5 I went to Dr. McDonald in 1996 to have my wisdom teeth out. He was very thorough, and did a thorough pre-surgical consultation with me. They did the iv with sedation, so they had me just in the office chair, because they just put enough sedation in me until the procedure was over, and then I was waking up just as they were cleaning up!I have recommended him to others as well!  Respond
RID: 442417
11/11/07 2 1 4 5 An excellent surgeon by all accounts. The comments below are based on a visit a few years ago: Punctuality is the problem. I arrived on time for my appointment and, to my shock, I saw 7 other people in the waiting room, all to have surgical procedures ahead of me. The receptionist indicated that this was the normal state of affairs because the doctor is "very busy". In my view, this has nothing to do with being busy or not. It has to do with competent time management and respect for one's clients, both obviously lacking here.  Respond
RID: 355101
27/06/07 5 5 5 This Doctor is worth every penny. He operated on my daughter's jaw and created excellent results. She is grown now and has a perfect bite. He is state of the art.  Respond
RID: 294230
23/04/07 5 5 5 I love Dr Mcdonald, he is the best oral surgeon. He did my jaw surgery and I am very, very pleased with my results. I would highly recommend him if you need any jaw surgery done, he takes the time to answer any questions you have no matter if you think they are silly or not, he takes you very seriously.  Respond
RID: 291065
20/04/07 5 5 5 Very personable, very knowledgeable, great surgeon....all around great guy! Hospital staff and all that know him say the same thing. Very caring and listens to all your concerns. Hope I never have to see him again, but if necessary wouldn't have another oral surgeon touch me! When you find a good one, you stay with him!!! 
Paid (or co-pay): $500000
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