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RID: 5588813
29/06/14 1 1 1 1 DO NOT go to this place for a 3D Ultra Sound. My experience was awful. When I first walked in I asked to use the washroom while my husband sat in the waiting room. As soon as I walked out of the washroom I see this women in a dark room waving her hand for me to come in, it was really weird and creepy. I turned around, went back to the room and asked her "are you asking me to come in?" and she replied "yes". So I went back to the waiting room and told my husband to come with me as the women is waiting for us inside. Once I got inside she asked me to lay on the bed and lift my shirt up. She never bothered introducing herself nor telling us her credentials. She kept shaking my stomach really hard to wake up the baby. I was very disappointed how the TV monitor was behind my head instead of across the room for my comfort. When she was finished, she told us to leave the room while she works on the DVD's. I finally asked her what her name was and she told me.  Respond
RID: 5491167
23/05/14 5 5 5 5 I have been a patient of Dr Lederman since April 18th.Since then My blood pressure has dropped from 158 over 90 to 116 over 70, my severe angina has all but disappeared,I have lost over 20 pounds, my knee pain has been greatly reduced and I have regained my energy.I think this is great for a 66 year old man. His positive, upbeat, can do attitude has certainly infected me.The time and patience he demonstrates during our consultations certainly demonstrates his care and concern for his patients.  Respond
RID: 5439759
03/05/14 5 5 5 5 Following an intensive year of cancer treatment, I gratefully found my way to Dr. Ledermans office where I was welcomed, supported and cared for. Dr. Lederman thoughtfully prepared a manageable and comprehensive plan for my cared. I received vitamin-mineral infusions intravenously, dietary guidance, emotional support and collaborated goal setting. Through my regular visits, I was consistently heard and encouraged. Dr. Ledermans kind attention, positive outlook and knowledge, are exactly what I need to heal with awareness. I am both excited and hopeful about my progress and return to vibrant health. Dr. Lederman and his wonderful staff are very much a part of this process. Thank you Dr. Lederman!  Respond
RID: 5311517
26/03/14 5 4 5 5 Dr Lederman cares and demonstrates that he really listens but requires honest dedication from his patience. as well. Working together has brought me to better health!  Respond
RID: 5309617
26/03/14 5 4 5 5 I am very pleased with the decision to see Dr Lederman. He has been helpful and supportive and finally I am achieving my health goals after years of being stuck and frustrated and receiving no support elsewhere. I am now healthier, stronger and have more energy than I've had in many years. Dr Lederman has a very quiet demeanour but is very passionate about helping people achieve their health, wellness goals. I have found him to be attentive during appointments and have never felt rushed in and out the door, which is important to me.  Respond
RID: 5226659
06/03/14 5 5 5 5 Dr. Lederman is a caring, compassionate and knowlegeable doctor. Dr. Lederman is also generous of spirit. I started seeing Dr. Lederman over a month ago to deal with a debilitating pain issue in my right shoulder and ribs and from which I suffered for over ten years. Dr. Lederman treated me with prolotherapy and after my initial treatment, I felt immensely improved; after three more treatments, I am now pain-free. Dr. Lederman showed patience, interest and kindness when he asked about my history and he has given me many tips to help myself more than I have in the past. I would recommend Dr. Lederman without hesitation for any mind/body issues. I myself will return to Dr. Lederman with any medical issues which may arise in the future. I am very grateful to Dr. Lederman and wish to say to him, thank you so much for helping me.  Respond
RID: 5222984
05/03/14 5 5 5 5 I have been seeing Dr. Lederman for the past two months now. I have nothing but praise and positive things to say about him and his clinic! He is not only professional and knowledgeable, but also, he listens and he CARES! I am never rushed. He is always on time. And he spends the time with me that I feel is necessary to express my concerns. Equally as important, of course, is that his treatment WORKS!! I have suffered from terrible tennis elbow (both elbows!), for several months and nothing worked to stop the pain (I tried Advil, acupuncture, and even a cortisone shot) - it got so bad I couldn't even pick up my kids. I saw Dr. Lederman and he suggested I do Prolotherapy. Amazingly, within two sessions, I began to feel the tremendous positive effects. Without a doubt, I credit Dr. Lederman's light touch treatment with my new found mobility and pain free daily routine. I urge anyone reading this review to call him. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!  Respond
RID: 4449934
30/01/14 4 3 2 3 I saw Dr. Lederman 10 times in 2010 regarding a host of as he put it 'layered problems' which I felt he refused to deal with holistically all together, it seemed for financial reasons, wanting separate appointments for each question or area. The main one was GI, the secondary were gynaecological and the third was muscular-skeletal. He seemed knowledgable and had some good routes to follow, but I felt really that he was trying to do as little as possible in each appointment. In the end, my GI problems were diagnosed, and began a course of treatment, but I felt I had to 'wait this out' in order to have my other issues addressed, which was frustrating, and I have since not experienced with other NDs. He eventually did a round of prolo for my shoulders, which helped quite a bit, but also was very expensive (1000$plus), and I felt, maybe should not have been the first line of treatment. I never felt comfortable in his office, and was always waited a long time to be helped so little.  Respond
RID: 3624044
03/12/13 4 4 5 5 Dr. Lederman is a great family naturopath. Our three kids, ages 4 and under, went to see him and they all loved him. He helped my husband and I to go from feeling a 4 to a 10 in just over a month! He helped us get our energy levels up and our digestive system working again, as well as getting off antihistamines for the first time in years. His treatments are simple and easy to follow and the results so fast that it makes me wish we'd gone to him sooner. 
Insurance: Blue Cross / Blue Shield
RID: 3577485
22/10/13 5 4 5 5 I was struggling after menopause to lose 20 pounds. I knew several people that had successful weight loss with Dr. Lederman, so I decided to try his program. I lost 22 pounds in 2 months. I have more energy and feel great. I plan on keeping this new body for ever! Thank you Dr. Lederman.  Respond
RID: 2872467
23/09/13 5 5 5 5 I went to Dr Lederman for help to change my lifestyle - my eating habits and lose weight. Both objectves were achieved and I am very pleased with the program. I found Dr L to be professional, helpful and caring.  Respond
RID: 2832789
03/09/13 5 5 5 5 Light at the end of a long dark tunnel! I have struggled with weight gain for last 2 years. I had put on close to 100 pounds from a car accident. i had no energy, constantly slept through afternoons, no self-esteem, no will to get through this amazing life. My very first meeting with Dr. Lederman was summed up with 1 word..HOPE. I have been learning new tools, how to have a new relationship with food, when and what to eat, understanding how my body uses food. This is a very simple program to follow, the key ingredient was to be 100 % willing to let someone else show me how to live again. In the last 4 months i have lost 40 pounds and feel Amazing ~! clothes fit, I Feel absolutley changed from the inside out. I have a deep well of energy to get through the toughest days and am starting to play sports again. Dr. Lederman has shined like a beacon for me, I am on-track to lose another 60 pounds , maybe even more ~! Professional, understanding,thorough, and empathetic. My deepest Thanks ~!  Respond
RID: 2771132
15/08/13 5 5 5 5 I wanted to thank Dr. Lederman and his wonderful staff. I was feeling "stuck" in my quest to lose weight.I needed his knowledge, encouragement and support and am proud to say I've lost 20 pounds on his program. I feel so much more confident, pretty and hopeful that I can continue on this healthy path. Thank You.  Respond
RID: 2742732
31/07/13 5 5 5 5 * ?7/31/2013 After much research I found Dr Lederman and I'm sure glad I did! I've lost 30 pounds in less than 2 months and am VERY pleased with his program and advice. I still would like to drop 20 pounds more. I am certain I'll get there very soon as his program is easy to follow. In addition to the weight loss, I have corrected my bowel issues and just feel much better all around. I look forward to seeing Dr Lederman and his staff every week.  Respond
RID: 2741751
30/07/13 5 4 5 5 I went to Dr. Lederman to try his diet program. I've lost 40 pounds in 3 months and am VERY pleased with his program and advice. Still have 20 pounds to go but I am certain I'll get there very soon with his help/program. In addition to the weight loss, I have more energy, sleep better and just feel much better all around.  Respond
RID: 2720014
26/07/13 5 4 5 5 I went to see Dr. Lederman in May 2013 as I was feeling really tired & sluggish all the time. After 2 months, I feel fantastic. My energy level is better than it's every been and I am much healthier overall. I have lost weight on his program and my digestion is back to normal. When I first went to see him, I suffered from abdominal bloating & sugar/carb cravings all the time. Now, I no longer have any abdominal bloating and the sugar/carb cravings, while still there, are much less. Dr. Lederman has been very helpful with his suggestions, sharing success stories and encouraging me to stay on track even when life's unexpected moments happen. Thank you, Dr. Lederman & your great staff!  Respond
RID: 2704510
09/07/13 5 4 5 4 I had a very confusing heart issue that nobody was able to identify. Other doctors were so content to just let me wait another month to see if it got better. Meanwhile, I was getting worse and feeling terrible. What I liked about dr Lederman's approach is that he was not satisfied with average level of health. He worked with me until I felt excellent. He was the only doctor that expected excellence. I live a healthy life and so it is nice to have a doctor expect the same level if health as I am used to. Overall, Dr Lederman was great. And now, I feel great as well. Well worth the time and expense.  Respond
RID: 2703464
08/07/13 5 5 5 5 I have been seeing Dr. Ledermann for 3 months now, both for weight loss and Prolothereapy for my shoulder/arm. He and his staff are very friendly and helpful. Dr. Ledermann has helped me tremendously with my shoulder trouble and I am very happy with my weight loss progress, he's very encouraging and supportive.  Respond
RID: 2680608
16/06/13 5 5 5 5 I will like to thank Dr Lederman for giving me confidence, for his patience and also his support as well as great help in boosting my energy level. I feel great health-wise undergoing the program he is giving me. I will definitely recommend anybody to try his program and see the wonders it does.  Respond
RID: 2668729
03/06/13 5 5 5 5 "I feel amazing"! Dr. Lederman has guided me through the program every step of the way, and has encouraged me to change my eating habits. I have lost 25 pounds and have benefited from this weight loss in many ways. I have more energy, and am careful what I eat and how much I eat. I never want to carry around that 25 pounds again!  Respond
RID: 2663947
28/05/13 5 5 5 5 In this age of confusion, Dr. Leaderman was able to teach me how to loose weight (70lbs) and change my lifestyle. I could not done it without him! It was like going to see a friend a couple times a week to chat about health and get advice. Very helpful, and extremely friendly. He really was on my side and listened to every question and concern, and would then explain in detail ( I like detail ) how the whole process works. Thank you so much! I sound like one of those ppl writing a review...but here I am writing a review! He changed my life by giving me the skills and support to do it by myself! It was a lot of work but he was with me every step of the way. 
Insurance: BC Med
RID: 2653153
20/05/13 5 5 5 5 In just 29 days, with absolutely ZERO cravings and NO hunger, I lost 31.6 lbs with Dr Lederman's HCG diet program. While that is wonderful, the part that I am most excited about is that my blood pressure went from 165/125 to 110/80, and within the first 11 days my resting pulse returned to 60 bpm from over 100 bpm, and I no longer had heartburn, bloating, or swollen ankles and calves so I was able to stop wearing diabetic socks. Dr Lederman is a caring, non-judgemental individual, who incidentally, questioned me about some of the lab results that my family doctor never touched on. I cannot recommend Dr Lederman or his staff highly enough. I still have 78 lbs to go to reach my goal and I can see the weight falling off right before my eyes. How wonderful to feel terrific and have hope restored! For more on my journey, you may visit http://www.poshtodd.com/2013/05/posh-todd-loses-316-...  Respond
RID: 2649233
15/05/13 5 4 5 5 I had originally tried Dr. Bernstein's weight loss treatment and found it to be a very difficult diet. After spending all that money, I didn't lose any weight. I then went to Dr. Lederman and tried the HCG treatment and have lost a total of 30 lbs. I feel more confident in my skin and am not tired anymore. I find it easier to make healthy food choices and am now able to control my cravings and binge eating habits.  Respond
RID: 2573235
28/02/13 5 5 5 5 I have seen Dr. Lederman for 4 sessions of HCG. Both in early 2012, and now just finishing my last round in 2013. I am now 60lbs lighter and feel so much better in my own skin. He has been very encouraging and always makes sure that my comfort is the top priority. When I have concerns he always addresses them with realistic solutions. He has applauded me through my successes and encouraged me through the difficult weeks. For anyone out there that is overweight and looking for a solution, Dr. Lederman's program is something you should definitely consider.  Respond
RID: 2537668
21/01/13 5 4 5 5 I have been a patient of Dr Ledermans since March 2012 and since then I have lost 120lbs, I can't say enough good things about the Dr and his staff. I have done a lot of other programs and the support that I get from Dr Lederman is awesome. I have never felt pressured to buy anything or do some other treatment, when I wanted to go on maintenance the Dr was behind me 100%, when I wanted to extend maintenance cause I wasn't ready, again Dr Lederman was behind me 100%. I would say to those on here who "think" they're doctors...at least I assume they have a medical degree as they are dishing medical advice as to what's safe and what isn't...maybe you should do some research before spouting an opinion, my family MD and my specialist OBGYN (that would someone who specializes in hormones) approved my decision to do HCG. My life has been changed forever..in the best way possible. Thanks Dr Lederman.  Respond
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RID: 2298613
28/06/12 5 4 5 5 I went to see Dr Lederman on March 13th 2012, 50 pounds over weight and in constant pain from a chronic shoulder issue. I was a very unhappy person who was in some form of pain 24 hours a day and turned to food to compensate. Ater taking the time to evaluate my situation we started with the HCG weight loss program and after my third visit we added Prolotherapy for my shoulder pain. After my first Prolotherapy session I was unsure if I would find any relief. During my next clinic visit I was suprised to find out that I would not be having my second Prolotherapy session. Dr Lederman knew that there was no need to have the sessions that close together. After my fifth session I was done with Prolotherapy and completely pain free. I can now say, on June 27th, less than 4 months after starting to see Dr Lederman that I have reached my weight loss goal and am now down under 200 pounds and as I mentioned earlier completely pain free for the first time in more than 5 years. Thanks Dr Lederman  Respond
RID: 2295033
26/06/12 3 2 1 1 Seeing Dr. Lederman was the worst decision of my life. I received Mesotherapy from Dr. Lederman two years ago. Before the third treatment I was concerned that there was some hard tissue left from the last treatment but he dismissed it and went along with the third treatment- making it worse. I was left with skin discolouration and the fat was taken out unevenly. I now have to go to a plastic surgeon to have it fixed. There is no guarantee that it will get any better. I tried to get my money back from Lederman and he wouldn’t give me anything. When I asked for a refund he was extremely rude to me. DON’T GO, he did not let me know of the risk involved in the scars. He made it seem like there was no risk involved when in fact this has made me look disfigured and worse than before. At all my appointments he also tried to sell me on all sorts of products.  Respond
RID: 2159714
24/05/12 5 5 5 5 I went to visit a naturopathic doctor for the first time yesterday and I am pleased to say I will be returning. The staff at Dr. Lederman's office were very welcoming. He is a very knowledgeable, caring doctor who really listens and took the time to understand my questions before answering them. He has really raised the bar for other doctors. For once I felt like I was not just a number! Can't say enough...highly recommended!  Respond
RID: 2098874
02/05/12 1 1 1 1 just wanted to sell sell sell. Not in the least interested in my health. I was rushed out without hearing about my menopausal symptoms  Respond
RID: 2063663
21/04/12 5 5 5 5 For many years I suffered tremendous leg pain, walking was difficult, it was not till I met Dr. Lederman that my life totally changed for the better. Through Prolo Therapy and Dr. Lederman’s care I now walk pain free. My weight has always been an issue nothing ever worked so with Dr. Lederman’s guidance and support I went through the HCG program and watched the pounds disappear without once feeling hungry. It was very exciting to drop dress sizes. I now truly feel alive and well for the first time in years. I will continue to see Dr. Lederman as he offers me amazing results, support and care. I respect his knowledge, skills and non-pressured manner. I have never felt so good, full of energy and well-being. I feel welcomed the moment I enter the office the staff being a huge part of Dr. Lederman’s team always going that extra mile with a smile. Dr. Lederman you are a miracle worker thank you, you have changed my life for the better ~ you truly are the best!  Respond
RID: 2050985
19/04/12 5 5 5 5 I came to see Dr. Lederman for general health concerns that my medical doctor wanted to treat with medication. He is a great listener, understanding and had time for me which I can't say for my medical doctor. The front staff are lovely, genuine gals. Dr. Lederman has helped me through my concerns. Thank you!  Respond
RID: 1668550
23/12/11 3 4 3 4 Mikey's Well educated, knows the ropes, can talk the talk. Focused on getting paid 25% Quackery. Mediocre quality supplements,will pump sunshine up your yin yang for premium cost. sexy beautiful secretary, will even sell you fried ice cream if you like. I've seen the best in Canada, I give the joint a 6 out of 10  Respond
RID: 1517150
19/08/11 4 4 4 4 Personable and gave me a break on amount of money I had to pay for mesotherapy treatment. Overall, I am not happy as he was very non-commital as to how long the treatment effects would last (should be a year) and no wonder as it only lasted 3 months.  Respond
RID: 1493098
22/07/11 3 2 2 2 this doctor does not deserve the title "doctor". he is there to make money off of people's health concerns and that is all. he endorses unhealthy programs for weight loss (getting patients to eat 800 calories a day and injecting a pregnancy hormone into them that has received bad media and is NOT recommended by most doctors). the front desk seemed overwhelmed and rushed. 15 minutes of his time will cost you over 100 dollars. this man knows how to seem genuine (talks in soft, caring voice) but it soon becomes apparent that his interest lies in the profit of his business rather than the health of his patients. go to someone else.  Respond
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RID: 1291276
11/11/10 4 4 5 5 Dr. Lederman is the best doctor I have ever had. He genuinely cares and is a great listener. He made sure that my concerns were thoroughly addressed.  Respond
RID: 1282618
29/10/10 4 3 3 4 He seems nice and knowledgable. Also, seems likes a robot and you're just another person to take $ from. Prices are extremely inflated. not recommended. you want someone who cares for your interest. he seems like a $ grabber.  Respond
RID: 938390
16/07/09 4 4 3 4 Nice enough guy, seems to be knowledgable in a lot of areas. Not overally personable or warm. Biggest issue is you never know how much you'll be charged for an appointment despite asking ahead of time (they give a "usually" or "ballpark"). It's always more! It seems like you are being charged for each question you ask. I relize time is money, but seems a bit exaggerated in this office.  Respond
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