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a seemingly very skilled, reputable knee/hip ortho surgeon, returns calls in a timely manner- pre & post-op. be warned: regardless of age/psychosocial situation of pt, he will REFUSE to order home physical therapy (which is standard after knee/hip surgery) and not give you a prescription for narcotic medication for pain once the pt leave the hospital. it is his belief that he is such a skilled surgeon, the pt does not need home PT and if you insist (for yourself or loved one), he will send you to a rehab nursing facility (rather than let you rehab in your own home). regarding the no pain medication prescription: yes, the patient gets adequate pain control during hospital stay and then he cuts you off once you leave the hospital/go home. when you ask him about a prescription, he answers 'you don't need it' (yes! after the pt has been on narcotic and/or other iv medication!), but if you really need it, call my office.' and any complications, he will refer you to your own primary doctor.

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