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RID: 2613889
10/04/13 4 2 1 1 This doctor did not believe me. I could not sit or lie down due to 10/10 electrocution pain. I was sitting on ice packs in my car and carrying a cooler with me everywhere I went. Instead of sending me to the only neurosurgeon in Vancouver who releases nerves, he sent me to an incompetent pain specialist. I was given improper drugs and was brushed off. I do not trust him at all. I needed nerve blocks 'Stat' and he did not order them. Why not? Bring an advocate with you.I feel he is a man that does not respect women. I am educated and he let me down. I could have died. 
Insurance: Blue Cross / Blue Shield
RID: 2278915
21/06/12 2 2 2 2 My son had a non-cancerous tumor on his brain stem. It was growing and impacting his speech and physical mobility. Surgery was required to halt (and reverse) the worsening disability. The surgery took close to 7 hours, leaving severe trauma. Recovery was projected to be one year or more. With patience, determination and a lot of distress and frustration, my son worked at his recovery for 2 years. Is is now permanently disabled and physically unable to do his job. He is unemployed. He has never had a day as good as the one before the surgery and probably never will. The surgery was a failure, it did more damage than it cured. This fact has never been admitted by the neurosurgeon, who has ceased to see my son. 2 years have gone by and there has been no admission of the true outcome of surgery and no offer to admit to, or treat the problem. My son cannot throw and catch a ball, play his guitar or do the job for which he trained for 4 years.  Respond
RID: 1301208
25/11/10 1 3 3 5 well i had a bilateral L5 S1. the surgery part went very well, he is one of the best surgeons so i have heard. and its been 7 months now and i have very little pain, mainly just muscle pain from waiting two years for the surgery. now that being said, ill move towards his receptionists. absolutely now people skills, has flat out lied to my face on a number of occasions as my mom was standing right there beside me as a witness. try phoning and get no answer? well that was the case for me and my family Dr's receptionist for months at a time. winston himself is an excellent surgeon but he deffinately needs all new staff!!! and as for being bumped for patients that pay cash, well get used to it because 9 out of ten surgeons are in it for the money not personal satisfaction. and our system allows them to be this way! so overall i was happy with his work but i still havnt been able to get to follow up due to his incompetent staff. thus leaving me with a bad taste in my mouth.  Respond
RID: 1295918
17/11/10 2 2 2 2 i saw dr gittens many times my problem was back and leg pain at the L5 S1 level he kept telling there was nothing wrong just muscle strain and he reported same to wcb. the pain kept getting worse and when i saw him again he said it was something new although the pain and where it radiated to was exactly the same. spent 6 years with ever increasing pain finally the disc shattered and i saw a wonderful dr who did the surgery but because the disc shattered i was left with nerve damage the poor surgeon had to pick up the pieces what was most insulting was when i was in the hopital guess who walked in the room dr gittens who ignored me i wish i could sue his ass  See Responses
RID: 1193862
21/06/10 4 3 1 1 It took a long time to get in to see him. He spent less than 5 minutes with me and ordered more tests, which he didn't explain to me at all. It took my doctor and physio, despite repeated calls, 7 weeks to send a report, which they said told them nothing really. I was sent to the physicians specialty clinic in Vancouver. They were very helpful, knowledgeable, and had a good bedside manor there.  Respond
RID: 1133914
22/03/10 4 4 5 5 Fantastic surgeon with an upbeat personality (very rare). Staff have become more available and very helpful. An odd thing to say, but if I was to have a recurrant brain tumour, I can only wish that Dr.Gittens is still in practice. I know I'm safe in his hands! Thanks so much Dr.'G' & your staff as well. from KC  Respond
RID: 1031834
11/11/09 4 4 5 5 Winston has seen me over the past 25 years for back and neck degeneration. He is right to the point and shows me what and where my problems are and discuss my options in depth. He has all of my info on his laptop that is on his desk including CT Scans,Xrays and MRI.Maybe you think he isn't looking at you while he is with you but he is looking at all that info at the same time. The office has moved upstairs now and is much more comfortable and spacious. As far as the women that work for him go , I don't know them but they are like the rest of this medical system in B.C.,,,,Overburdened and Overworked. I can make my way through it all because I know I am going to be seen by the very best. Winston is very respected worldwide and we should be happy he puts up with this medical system and government as he could have worked anywhere !!  See Responses
RID: 1026736
05/11/09 2 5 3 5 Dr Gittens helped my son with a bilateral distectomy L3,4,5. It took a 2 years to get the operation but in todays time table i guess that's not bad. as far as knowledge i think only a Dr is qualified to anwer this as far as i am concerned he is great and knows what he is doing. As far as his staff that another area. They are either overworked or just don't have people skills.  Respond
RID: 1015440
22/10/09 2 3 5 5 Dr.Gittens saved my life 3 years ago, removing a brain tumor. Incredible surgeon, with a fantastic bedside manner. I can only hope that if I have any tumor's return, that he's still available for surgery. Some people take for granted the expertise/knowledge/skills/education and caring concern doctors have. It must be such a fantastic feeling knowing that you've saved someone's life. Wow! Please pass on your Knowledge Dr.Gittens. Thanks again, from "KC" in Coquitlam.  See Responses
RID: 1006134
09/10/09 1 4 1 2 Dr. Gittens I feel is only interested in getting a patient into surgery and not caring about the outcome. I know he is a surgeon but what about what happens after the surgery. He has been no help with helping us deal now with the complications my husband has been dealing with. We are left to wonder what next? What should we be doing? His new secretary was extremely clueless and very unhelpful. Needless to say we have seen Dr. Lee in emergency as an on call doctor and like him a whole lot better!! Needless to say we would like a second opinion.  Respond
RID: 1003111
05/10/09 1 1 1 1 He may be a great surgeon or a terrible one; I really can't comment on his knowledge, because he hasn't bothered looking at my case. After waiting 7 months to get an appointment, he spent all about 3 min. with me saying that he couldn't give me a diagnosis because he had to see my MRI & their system was down. He said his staff will fit me in without having to wait as soon as he sees my MRI films. I’m still waiting for over a year now! I kept calling the office. They rarely ever answer phone calls. Most of the times, there’s a busy signal or voicemail even during the hours that they say they’re in! I have left numerous messages pleading to get an appointment, but no one ever bothered to call back. The staff is rude and uncompassionate, office a big mess, there is a sense of chaos all around. I think the most incapable and indifferent people work there. It is just too bad that due to a severe shortage of specialists, the patient would even have to consider going to that hellhole.  Respond
RID: 971924
25/08/09 1 1 1 3 This doctor is rude and hurried. He rushed me through an appointment that took 8 months to get. His staff was not only disgustingly rude to me but to my GP's Staff as well. They were unwilling to help or try and arrange exams and scans that they say they needed for The emminent Dr.Gittens to see you. They treat you like you are a nuisence to them. They refuse to answer their phones or returns calls requesting information or to set an appointment. If you are or are going to see Dr.Gittens I suggest strongly that you seek other help. It has been 2 Years since my accident and I saw him ONCE for 15 minutes at the most. He refuses to treat you and makes you jump through hoops just to allow you the honor of him seeing you. He needs to retire and his staff needs to take some courtesy training in order to be percieved as human. Overall Rating ABOUT 20 BELOW 0  Respond
RID: 951096
30/07/09 5 5 5 5 I had surgery in Mar./09 and found Dr. Gittens "tops" in every respect. I had been to 2 other neurosurgeons previously and was not offered any help by them. He told me in advance that my problem was age related but he suggested that some relief could be attained from a cervical laminectomy and there has been! I thank Dr. Gittens for having the time for me and his knowledge, expertise and talent in my case was "priceless".  See Responses
RID: 796260
20/02/09 5 5 5 5 have had 2 major operations in my life @ brain tumor at the age of 36 years and hen this antenor cerival discectomy fusion c5-6 ,@ 49 year old performed feb.9/08 by dr. gittens .he is the best neurosurgon !!!! he explains every thing veryhelpfull and knows his stuff !!!!was up walking around hospital room 4 hours after surgery pain free !!! after 3 years of nerve pain from a car accident. thanks for my life back dr gittens. iam now pain free 2 weeks after surgery very happy  Respond
RID: 755013
04/01/09 4 5 5 5 Dr.Gittens saved my life in getting rid of my Brain tumour. He makes you feel very comfortable, he answers all questions, his bedside manner is wonderful. I read that someone had said that Dr.Gittens doesn't look you in the eye while talking to you, I've only noticed that during follow up appointments in his office. Doesn't bother me.......everyone has certain habits. I just wish that he never retires, but I guess that's asking too much. The knowledge that he passes on to Dr.Heron can only be in B.C.'s best interest for our health care. Thank you, Dr.Gittens...........I hope your hands are insured!! (smile) Also: you've got a great smile.  Respond
RID: 738288
06/12/08 5 5 5 5 My husband had surgery in Feb/08. He got discectomy and fusion at C5-6 and C6-7. We appreciate Dr. Gittens knowledge and skill. Everything went well with my husbands recovery. Thank you Dr. Gittens!  See Responses
RID: 722834
15/11/08 4 5 5 5 Had a C5-C6 fusion done in Aug 2007. Dr Gittens was friendly, and professional. The operation went well, and he even set up an extra day for me in the hospital just in case I needed it (but I didn't). The neurologist I saw afterward said it turned out excellent, one of the best he's seen. Unfortunately I was still in pain from a different problem, and Dr Gittens helped me some more by getting me another MRI to help find the problem. He takes pride in his work and it shows in his workmanship.  Respond
RID: 722541
14/11/08 5 5 5 5 Dr Gittens did an L5/S1 discectomy on me in the year 2000. I had been laid up for 7 weeks on the floor at home. The operation took an hour and I was out of the hospital an noon the next day and I have never looked back. Dr Gittens did an excellent job on my back, never had a problem since. Very funny, professional.  Respond
RID: 722051
14/11/08 2 5 1 2 After being referred to Dr. Gittens by my son's paediatric neurosurgeon we are less than pleased with Dr.Gitten. He did not seem to be the least bit interested in treating my son. In fact, the neurosurgeon covering for him told us to quit wasting his time after my son had collapsed for the 3rd time. There is a surgery available to help my son but Dr. Gittens is not interested in peforming the surgery. So after 5 years of contant headaches and vomitting my son's quality of life is very poor. I am vey disappointed in Dr. Gitten's lack of interest or follow up.  Respond
RID: 716383
05/11/08 5 4 5 5 Dr Gittens is a good Dr..he is very helpful and is so knowledgable...He knows his stuff..He is helping me so much...We are so lucky to have him..Thank You Dr Gittens...And he is funny  Respond
RID: 686267
17/09/08 5 5 5 5 This neurosurgeon gave me my life back after waiting two years for a piece of titanium to be installed in my neck. We are very very lucky to have Dr. Gittens here in the lower mainland. He is compassionate and funny and he is the best.  Respond
RID: 637081
12/07/08 3 5 5 5 Needed someone to cut open my skull, cut into my brain and clip off an aneurysm that was destine to kill me.My first impression of Dr. Gittens was not good because of dead office plants,,,, what looked like a mess of confusion, and a dirty coffee cup. To add to that he did not seem able to look me in the eye while discussing my options.Thru it all he was for me a rock and brought me thru the worst part of my life with confidence and humor. I am extremely happy to of had Dr.Gittens be the one that cut open my skull.  Respond
RID: 483397
14/01/08 5 5 5 5 Dr Gittens is the most efficient,knowledgable and dedicated doctor we have dealt with and very importantly, he accepted and respected our terms on our choice of treatment options. He is very clear and consise in explaining anything you need to know or ask about. He is always approachable, be it 6 am or 6 pm on the ward and his sence of humor is a welcome respite in an often serious situation. We think he's one of the best brain surgeons there is anywhere and we're proud to have chosen him to care for my husband if ever and when surgery is required again.  Respond
RID: 432787
22/10/07 5 5 5 5 I saw Dr gittens about 3 times before my surgery. He was wonderful and gave me my life back. I owe the world to him. I would highly recommend Winston to anyone that had a ruptured disc L4-L5.  See Responses
RID: 424834
05/10/07 5 5 5 5 Quite frankly very good surgeon. Acted in professional manner , answered my large array of questions . Saw him 6 times in four days .Dealing with a medical system that is under stress . Definitely recommended .  Respond
RID: 370594
20/07/07 5 5 5 5 Treated me with respect and dignity. Arranged his schedule and got me into surgery a year earlier than what was arranged by my GP. Surgery was a success. No complaints at all.  Respond
RID: 288976
19/04/07 5 1 1 Dr. Gittens performed the same surgery on my hiernated disk three times, without success. I was disappointed with my results, and finally found another neurosurgeon who gave me my life back.  See Responses
RID: 254654
02/04/07 5 4 5 Re: Helpfulness: I am awaiting surgery. I would appreciate being kept informed of a waiting period be it 1 month or 2 years. The patient really has to put their life on hold while they await a date. This is a reflection of our present health system and not a reflection of the doctor's/surgeon's capabilities.  Respond
RID: 245778
30/03/07 4 1 3 I found his bedside manner to be curt and dismissive. Was not comfortable in "talking" to him, so found another neurosurgeon who was willing to explain things without being dismissive and short with us.  Respond
RID: 231481
26/03/07 5 5 5 Quite simply the best there is. He is always on time, has a fabulous bedside manner, and treats his patients with the utmost respect! Furthermore, he has an excellent sense of humour, endless compassion, and he's brilliant.  Respond
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