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Dr. Wirjo is medically unprofessional. He Does not take responsibility for his actions. My husband was a patient of his. When my husband who has been in severe pain since 1996 came to see him in 2004 at Kaiser, it took me talking to him to listen. My husband would try and talk to him but he would not listen to him. Especially if I could not make an appointment. When I did'nt, I would call back and I would get results. He performed a replacement surgery of my husbands spinal stimulator in 2007, with horrible reuslts, he caused nerve damage during surgery which resulted in Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy syndrome (RSDS). Surgery was abandoned and had to be performed a few weeks later to replace the stimulator. The doctor claimed to do nothing. But later we found that a different anesthsia was used that causes some patience to become irritable while under. During surgery my husband almost jumped off of the table. Why use an anesthsia that causes reactions while working on nerves.

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flag | Submitted March 4, 2009

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