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I went out of my HMO to see Dr. C because I was not satisfied with my current doctor. I was willing to pay the high, out-of-pocket costs to see someone I'd heard was a top expert in her field. Unfortunately, she's got one of the worst attitudes I've ever encountered in a doctor. When the thyroid medicine she prescribed was causing me problems, she just said "Then stop taking it." That was it. And then, of course, this was with the expectation that I'd be coming back to see her for a "check up" (more like a "rip off" as I didn't see her doing anything different, and still, I'd have to pay $180 for a worthless visit). It took me a year and half to lose 30 pounds, honestly, with just diet and exercise, and all it took was about 3 months for the lowest, thyroid hormone dose to undo all of it. And Dr. C just told me, in a flat, deadpan, matter-a-fact way "Then stop taking it." Thanks, you horrible doctor. Thanks for ruining my Christmas - I feel much worse and out hundreds of $$$.

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flag | Submitted Dec. 27, 2008

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