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In 2007, my mother was in severe leg/back pain (degenerative disk disease). Schwank operated and inserted numerous screws in her spine, but less than 6 mos. later, she was in worse pain than before. She just went through another surgery (3 yrs later) to correct his work. The doctor who corrected it confirmed that 1)the screws Schwank used were not even used anymore, and 2)they were incorrectly positioned with one being placed too close to a major nerve which explained her chronic pain. I just learned that Schwank also operated on my uncle's neck years ago. But he was in so much pain that Schwank went back in the next day to try to correct his work. My uncle then had to go to a specialist in PA to have Schwank's work corrected. The 3rd surgery by Schwank that I'm aware of is a lady who goes to church with my mother. He operated on her back, and she is suffering chronic pain similar to what my mother endured after Schwank. PLEASE reconsider seeing William Schwank if you require surgery!

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