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RID: 3589853
29/10/13 2 2 1 3 Dr ferg honestly never seemed happy nor excited for her patients any time I went in. Its seemed more about just getting you in and out then actually caring for her patient thats beginning a new chapter of their lives with a child. Honestly I questioned WHY she worked in maternity when she clearly didnt really care about kids. Its like a nurse who doesnt care for children working in the mother/babe unit at the hospital... it doesnt make sense. I am now pregnant again and have opted to find a new dr far away from her. 
Insurance: BC Med
RID: 3588748
28/10/13 5 3 5 5 Dr.ferg was always extremely attentive and always extremely fun to be around, we really wish we could have switched over to he service. Unfortunately her practice was full for family, but in the event of us having more kids I would definitely see her again; I would definitely recommend her to everyone! 
Insurance: MSP
RID: 2496717
11/12/12 4 3 5 5 My doctor and my family's doctor for 14 years. She has always been fantastically helpful, intelligent, knowledgeable and compassionate. Does not sweat the little stuff but is immediately on top of anything that looks like a serious problem, immediately orders tests and refers to specialists when appropriate. I recommend her to everyone.  Respond
RID: 2246522
14/06/12 3 3 3 3 Has been my doctor for over 20 years. Used to be amazing, now seems tired, feel like she wishes she were somewhere else and is just putting in time. Too bad, she was once the best!  Respond
RID: 1380812
07/03/11 3 3 1 1 She happened to be my delivery doctor that day. She was cold and unfriendly. She clearly showed that she did not want to be there – she had to come to the hospital at night. She did not say anything during my delivery, just being silent with no expression. It was my first delivery and premature birth. I needed some guidance/advice. My husband and I were very frustrated with her. I did not want to deal with this doctor ever again.  Respond
RID: 1346461
25/01/11 5 5 5 5 Dr. Ferg has been my family doctor for 18 years & I adore her. She is kind, compassionate and thorough and always responds to my needs. I would recommend her to others in a heartbeat! The staff at her new office are delightful.  Respond
RID: 1239555
29/08/10 5 4 5 5 Dr. Ferg has been my doctor for over 12 years. I have had 4 babies under her care and she is fantastic!!! When my GP doctor closed his practice she took my family of 6 under her general practioner care without hesitation! She is knowledgable, understanding and VERY caring. She treats patients with a "matter of fact" attitude, so what that means is there is no sugar coating of information. All these negative comments obviously come from people who don't understand the healthcare system, *ie GP can not refer a patient to a specialist without seeing the patient first etc.....and let's think about useless tax dollars that would be spent if every doctor referred to specialists for every little problem...come on people...another thing, in this day and age we have to advocate for our own health and healthcare, Dr. Ferg most definately will support any concern you have, just go to her with a valid one!!!  Respond
RID: 1077474
13/01/10 5 4 5 5 Dr Ferg has been my Dr for over 20 years, she handled my twin pregancy and my normal pregancy. She is knowedgable, carring and knows her patients well. She will tell you "like it is" and does not suffer fools lightly. I highly recommend her to any new mom or any woman looking for an intellegent practical Dr.  Respond
RID: 1074590
11/01/10 5 4 4 4 Allison has been my physician for years and does a good job of putting up with my irrational fears.  Respond
RID: 1070544
06/01/10 4 4 5 5 Dr Ferg is a wonderful family doctor. She listen to my issues and involves me in medical desisions. I have never felt rushed and believe Dr Ferg has been very compassionate toward me. Feel luckly to have her as my Doctor  Respond
RID: 976649
31/08/09 3 2 1 1 Dr. Ferg was my maternity doctor many years ago, when I was pregnant with my first child. I was a young mom and she was very rude and condescending. Often having no consideration for my concerns. My son was overdue so we talked about induction. I told her I would like her to try breaking my water first because I wanted the birth to be as natural as possible. I went to the hospital as scheduled and they were about to induce labour when I stopped them and said my doctor had agreed to another method first. They got Dr.Ferg on the phone and she complained that she would "have to come to the hospital" to do that and that my labour would take so much longer that way. Well 4 hours later I had a beautiful, healthy, boy (without the drip induction)! Similar problems occured in my follow up visits after my son was born. I don't recommend Dr. Ferg to anyone!  Respond
RID: 944023
22/07/09 2 1 1 1 did not listen to my issues, told me it was in my head, did not look at lab reports, shuffled me off to other doctors. WORST doctor I have ever seen. Pick another doctor or go to a walk in clinic.  Respond
RID: 929860
06/07/09 4 5 5 5 Dr. Ferg is the fourth doctor I've had since moving to Victoria and I would recommend her to anyone. She's easy going and compassionate while not being alarmist. She can tell when I'm having a rough time and gives me a hug and always fits me in when I let her know its urgent. After being dismissed by specialists about my son's 'episodes', she was the one doctor that trusted my judgment. She just asked me what I needed and she made the referals I requested. Now my son's getting treated for seizures, not a temper or reflux like the other doctors diagnosed.  Respond
RID: 929103
04/07/09 5 3 5 5 Dr. Ferg is a wonderful physician. Always helpful and willing to spend the time needed without ever making me feel rushed. Yes, I often have to wait but the flip side of that is when I was pregnant and had problems, I was fit in that day or first thing the next morning (which of course would affect her scheduled patients). Now when she is late, I realize that she has most likely fit in others that had urgent issues...the way it should be.  Respond
RID: 896155
25/05/09 2 2 2 3 Cons: Staff are rude. Appointments made even before she is in the office to see the patients. Overbooks appts, long waits, client list too big. Lack of compassion. Doesn't appear have time for your questions. Can be condescending. Not empathetic. Poor bedside manner, uses inappropriate, degrading language, not sensitive to others. Pros: many years experience, so has clout at VGH maternity ward.  Respond
RID: 875588
01/05/09 4 3 4 4 I have been with Dr. Ferg for 20 years. I really like Allison's easy going style. She has always taken the time to listen to my questions or concerns. Yes, I do have to wait at times but I have never felt rushed. She has been with me through two pregnancies. When I have had questions that she didn't know the answers to she sent me to someone who could. I would recommend Allison to anyone.  Respond
RID: 870813
26/04/09 3 1 3 4 I have been going to Dr.Ferg for many years and for the most part I have been quite happy with her.I have noticed the last few visits that she has become quite moody.Also,I purposely booked a 1pm appt. for my annual physical because that is the first appt. they take after lunch,I sat in that little room with a gown on for 25 minutes until she meandered in at 1:25.It annoys me that physicians think that their time is more important than mine.There was no excuse for her to be late if I was the first patient after lunch.I find her quite knowledgeable and she listens and is open to my suggestions as well and that is important to me.  Respond
RID: 863223
16/04/09 4 4 5 5 Dr Ferg has always been sympathetic to my chronic health issues and very encouraging in helping me explore traditional and nontraditional health solution. I've always been able to get appointments quickly for emergencies. and when the chronic pain gets me down she has been very supportive. I couldn't ask for a better family Dr.  Respond
RID: 849748
01/04/09 1 1 1 1 Dr. Ferg has never been polite with me. I don't understand the other comments on this page. It seems every time I go and see her, she is more concerned about how long the appointment will take, she is not very friendly. I wonder sometimes, why she even went into this profession. As a Doctor, you need to be compassionate, empathetic, and friendly towards your patients. You treat them as you would want to be treated- i.e. WITH RESPECT.  Respond
RID: 656901
05/08/08 4 3 5 5 She is a very good doctor, open to talking with patient. Gave me hope in first miscarriage, good listener.  Respond
RID: 460922
10/12/07 4 4 5 4 Dr.Ferg has been my Dr for 9 years. The birth of my first child was very complicated, I twice had surgery (both after mid-night) and Dr Ferg was by my side during surgeries. Yes she has a busy practice but I've alway been able to get in right away for emergencies. I've never felt rushed. and always felt included in my health decision. Dr Ferg is compassionate and sensitive to my issue as a working poor single mom. When I was sent home from the emergency room with a very sick baby I went to see Dr Ferg. She called the hospital on my behalf and had my daughter looked at again. (my baby was deathly ill and would not have lived if I accepted the ER Dr. advice.) When Dr.Ferg is unsure of what's wrong with me i appreciate she admits it and we work together to find solutions.  Respond
RID: 448104
21/11/07 2 2 1 1 Dr Ferg flatly refused to do a referral for my 5 year old grandson without seeing him first - even though the eye specialist (who had seen him as a baby)had an appointment available the next day and indicated it was important to see him. Her comment was "then get the optometrist to give you a referall". She also refused to give a referral for a follow-up for my 3 year old granddaughter who has very obvious deformity in big toes and ankles twisted in. The specialist who saw her at about age one said the problem would self-correct. It hasn't. I have strongly urged my daughter-in-law to find a doctor who puts the patient's health and well-being ahead of her own ego.  Respond
RID: 420292
28/09/07 2 1 1 2 Dr. Ferg was my first family Dr. when I moved to Victora as a young person. I was rushed, made to wait for over an hour in the waiting room for scheduled appts, and had her minimize my concerns when I finally did get in. I eventually just left her practice when she diagnosed me with a disease (upsetting news), offered me no information or support and just said "Yes, there's probably some pamphlets on this in the waiting room. Goodbye." I was crushed and never went back.  Respond
RID: 389146
20/08/07 1 3 1 3 Sometimes passes off complaints i have had with "i dont know' and a shoulder shrug. Have found i have been talked down to by her. Made me scared for health of my unborn child unnecessarily.She is always in a rush.I usually leave her office more worried than was previously. Her staff is often rude over the phone and in person as well i have found it hard to make appointments even when it has been urgent. Also during a hospitalization I found the people who came in on call for her had very bad bedside manner and asked inappropriate questions.  Respond
RID: 341457
09/06/07 2 4 4 Takes an average of week to get appointment and the appointments are never on time.  Respond
RID: 295965
24/04/07 1 3 3 Dr Ferg was my maternity care Dr for my first pregnancy and I wasn't all that impressed. She was friendly enough but always seemed to be in a rush -I felt nervous asking questions because it didn't seem like she had time for me. I felt she did too many internal exams when they weren't necessary. She wasn't on-call for my delivery so I can't comment on that but I found her post-natal care to be less than enthusiastic. For my second pregnancy I found a patient, compassionate mid-wife instead.  Respond
RID: 274188
11/04/07 3 4 4 Dr. Ferg was my maternity doctor and I found her quite personable and easy going. She was straight forward with me and I always left feeling like I was throughly examined. I didn't have any complications or major concerns during my pregnancy but if there was anything I was concerned about she would answer them to my sastifaction and if there was anything that needed to be taken care of promptly she would get it done for me. Once my baby was born I only saw her a few times (I moved to another town) but I felt she paid sufficient attention to the well being of my baby and myself. I found the staff at her office very courteous and efficient and never had any problems with Dr. Ferg or the staff at the office. 
Insurance: Blue Cross / Blue Shield
RID: 266496
08/04/07 2 5 4 Her office is so busy and its very difficult to get in if you need an appointment right then. They like to book 10 days in advance, so if its something more urgent its easier just to go to a clinic. That said, once I get in to see her, I find her compassionate, interested and willing to listen which I have noticed is rare in doctors today.  Respond
RID: 261803
05/04/07 4 2 2 Does not take the time to make important calls on tough issues. Lacks compassion  Respond
RID: 247720
31/03/07 2 2 3 She was my first physician years ago, when I finally left my family GP as an adult. I too found her unconcerned if the focus wasn't maternity-driven, and she was unconcerned about many of my issues. She was also totally unprofessional to some friends with fertility issues, using some inappropriate and shocking language with them. They left her practice after that.  Respond
RID: 235761
27/03/07 3 2 2 She has a big maternity practice which is great if you are pregnant. Have shown up for appt only to find out she has been gone all day delivering a baby - why didn't a secretary call and cancel the appt, this happened two or three times. Some of her staff are rude. When my child was really sick I tried to get her in due to a high fever and was told they didn't have any appointments. So took my child to a walk-in, called to tell them the result from the clinic and they put Dr. Ferg on the phone and she yelled at me for not coming to her office. Explained that I called earlier to try and come in and wasn't given an appointment. At times her attitude has been very flippant and off putting, she makes lite of problem - like "what do you think you have?" Reluctant to give referrals. Not impressed.  Respond
RID: 212638
19/03/07 3 1 2 For ongoing problem made to feel like it was in my head - lack of compassion - after 12 years didn't want to go to dr appt as felt like nuisance to her & you'd get no help anyway. Never did follow-up tests for meds that were prescribed - had to ensure I looked up on the internet myself to check what needed to be done - i.e. blood test for long term use of diuretics/  Respond
RID: 210508
18/03/07 4 4 5 Dr. Ferg is down to earth and straight forward. She has been my doctor for 7 years and I have always been very pleased with her.  Respond
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