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Bless Dr Hutchinson. This man really cares about his patients. This was my first visit to him, as a new patient who had to find an adult doctor. I have been suffering from leg pain for over 4 years, and my other doctor dismissed my pain as something related to depression. HA! The second after Dr Hutchinson examined my leg, he was on the phone DEMANDING I be referred to a specialist that day, and within minutes I was out the door on my way to the orthopedic group across the street. I had X rays done, a second examination, and I will have to have a bone scan and another X ray done, but had it not been for Dr Hutchinson,getting the ball rolling towards finding out whats wrong, getting treatment and healing might not be happening. I was crying in his office, not only from the pain, the years of frustration, but because someone had finally LISTENED AND STOOD UP FOR ME. BLESS HIM, WE NEED MORE DOCTORS LIKE THIS WONDERFUL MAN.

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flag | Submitted March 6, 2009

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