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RID: 5312930
27/03/14 5 5 5 5 Dr.Watson is the absolute best doctor! He listens and really cares about his patients. I have been a patient of his for 22 years and I am dreading the day he retires. He is not a pill pusher and gets to the root of any health issues and will refer to other specialist when need be. I have a hard time trusting any doctors especially from walk in clinics But Dr.Watson I trust 110% he really cares about all his patients. There are no words to describe just how incredible he is. If you value your health he is the ideal doctor. I was sent to him initially because I was having a high risk pregnancy, I never returned to my previous doctor as Dr.Watson was so compassionate and listened whenever I had any concerns. He is the best GP and takes care of his patients of all ages. He works primarily in the Family Practice unit at St. Michaels but he also works out of pediatric clinic.Dr.Watson is truly my health protector. If Doctor's could be awarded a super hero cape his would be made of gold!  Respond
RID: 2451153
18/10/12 5 5 5 5 He was reffered by my O.B. for my daughter.I am so happy that he became our family doctor.He is amazing and helpful. It's quite a drive for us to see him but it doesn't matter if would like to get better. Recently, i got sick and went to the emerg and I took the medication for a week. nothing changed.I went to see Dr. Watson and didn't take much time to get a diagnosis and proper prescription. 
Insurance: OHIP
RID: 2393949
06/08/12 3 2 5 5 I was referred to Dr. Watson by another Dr. 15 years ago when my daughter was 6 months old. I knew during the first visit that this was the right move as he checked things the other Dr. had never checked. He is now Dr. to me and both my kids and I don't know what we'll do when he decides to retire.  Respond
RID: 2161576
27/05/12 2 3 2 2   Respond
RID: 1438922
12/05/11 5 4 5 5 Simply the best. We have been going to him for about 10 years now.  Respond
RID: 1401411
29/03/11 4 4 4 4 Provided excellent pre and postnatal care for both my high-risk pregnancies. Referred me to several specialists over the last 24 years. Never rushes an appointment; answers emails, and is available for most emergencies. I dread looking for another GP when he retires.  Respond
RID: 1210694
19/07/10 5 5 5 5 He has been my family doctor for 24 years since I moved to Toronto from Montreal. He's the best and my friends, who have moved back to Montreal or other states, miss his services terribly. He's knowledgeable, caring, and is highly respected by other doctors I know who have been his students. I feel very lucky to have him as my doctor.  Respond
RID: 976335
31/08/09 5 5 5 5 As said befor simply the best Doctor that will ever be. The only downfall is he might only have 5 years left before he might consider retiring. That would be a lossof knowledge and expertise.I travel from a city in the north to see this doctor and will continue as long as he is available the best, Rob  Respond
RID: 844813
27/03/09 5 5 5 5 Dr. Watson is one of the best doctors i've ever worked with. I'm a medical student and i don't think anyone can top his knowledge of family medicine. Dr. Watson is one of the nicest and most helpful and caring doctors and you are lucky if you are his patient.  Respond
RID: 739315
08/12/08 5 5 5 5 has been my family doc for more than 25 yrs, simply put, the BEST.  Respond
RID: 712237
29/10/08 5 5 5 5 We have been blessed to have him as our family doctor for more than 15 years. He is all you would want in a family doctor.  Respond
RID: 634550
09/07/08 5 5 5 5 I have to tell you, this is the BEST family Doctor in the WORLD!! I've been with him for 11 years, and I would travel the country to keep him. The man is a WIZARD. He is extremely thorough, and you never leave wondering "WTF was all THAT about?" KUDOS DR. WATSON!!!  Respond
RID: 532314
06/03/08 5 4 1 1 I am extremely unlucky that he is my doctor. I would rather go to the Emergency department than see him. Why did the hospital let him join the practice? This is not to say that he is not a nice person but as I doctor I have to wonder. Sometimes medical schools make the wrong decision. Retire old man, you are a demented old coot. I wouldn't send my hamster to see you!!!!Sorry!  See Responses
RID: 529384
03/03/08 5 5 5 5 Truly the most lovely Doctor ever. Polite and well-mannered. Caring and goes the extra mile. He delivered our first baby and even though I've been going to St. Mike's since I was a child, I switched Doctors once I met Dr. Watson. I even brought along my husband to be cared for by him. He's a remarkable human being. He's the best. He's the absolute best. Lucky to have had him...get him if you don't! We've moved out of the city since and we miss him terribly. He's irreplaceable!!  Respond
RID: 525750
28/02/08 4 5 5 5 The most caring doctor I have ever had in my 62 years. He is what every doctor should be.  Respond
RID: 504379
04/02/08 5 4 5 5 The best care. Patiently takes the time to understand your concerns. Great with children. I love my doctor.  Respond
RID: 470216
22/12/07 4 4 5 5 When was the last time your doctor returned a call (without charging you?) Dr. Watson truly cares for his patients...I don't know what we would do without him. With his warm smile and contagious laugh, you immediately feel better.  Respond
RID: 382814
09/08/07 4 5 5 5 I was a family medicine resident training under Dr Watson from 2002-2004. He is one of the best physicians I know and is an excellent role model for residents. Dr Chris Aldridge MD  Respond
RID: 321241
17/05/07 4 5 5 Dr. Watson epitomizes professionalism and compassion. He is, quite simply, an outstanding family physician. He refers you, when necessary, to a specialist, making certain you are seen quickly, if urgency is needed. He doesn't order any unnecessary tests, but makes sure you are up-to-date on tests you actually need. He has an incredibly good memory (he has been my doctor for 28 years, so I know!). He is calm, reassuring, and has a great sense of humour. He doesn't try to rush you out of his office. I have always felt very well cared for by Dr. Watson. He is truly an asset to St. Michael's and UofT.  Respond
RID: 313133
08/05/07 4 5 5 Dr. William Watson has been our family (and when I say family, I mean aunts, uncles, and over 30 cousins)doctor for over 25 years, and mine for the past 5. We moved out of the big city a few years ago, and I continue my commute whenever myself, my husband, or one of my kids is sick, because I trust him with our lives, literally. He delivered my babies and I can't stop raving about the prenatal and postnatal care I received. He is always willing to sit own and go through your symptoms and refers when needed. I simply would not be as confident in our health care system, were it not for this great physician, and caring person.  Respond
RID: 277646
13/04/07 4 5 5 Bill Watson has been my family doctor for over 25 years. He is compassionate and well-informed. He has always made sure that we see any specialist he thinks necessary. The occassion wait is inevitable in a big-city teaching hospital, but he really strives to keep the wait short. He is interested in delivering babies and sports medicine, and teaches at the University of Toronto. He is innovative and up to date in many areas, and doesn't hesitate to refer to a specialist when required. My brother-in-law is a physician, a rheumetolgist, and has been very impressed by the level of care we have received over the years. BILL WATSON is a person who is not only a good doctor, but a genuinely good man who takes care of people. regardless of their social standing, and who is a credit to the profession. With Bill, you are ALWAYS a PERSON, never just another case or number.  Respond
RID: 268773
09/04/07 4 5 5 I have had the pleasure of having Dr Watson as my family doctor for over 20 years,he is ALWAYS there when I need him. He truly cares, and takes the time that YOU need, not just rushing through to get to the next patient. When my wife had a threat of breast cancer, he arranged for us to be seen in the breast clinic within two days, and in less that a week my wife had her operation. Thank God and DR WATSON, all was well. He told me once when he saw me at short notice that " I wouldn't be much of a doctor if I only saw you when it was convenient , and not when you needed me" THAT says it all about Dr Watson. He truly cares about his patients, what more can you ask of a doctor? He helped to save my life, when I was having a heart attack, he knew what to do for me, not just physically, but just as importantly, emotionally. He is the best, and I feel incredibly fortunate that he is our family doctor.  Respond
RID: 210452
18/03/07 4 5 5 Watson has been my Doctor since I was born. He's put up with all my different illnesses. He has never gone through any short cuts. He is anamzing doctor, very caring and understanding. I wish all doctors had his compasion...  Respond
RID: 201100
15/03/07 5 5 5 Dr Watson is the consumate professional - caring, knowledgable and quick to make referrals as required. He personifies "health care".  Respond
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