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Military installation so everything is done on time and quickly. The doctor is nice and talkative. He was very disappointed in my attempts to self medicate, however he made several referrals to other departments to get me help I needed. Also gave me a couple prescriptions to cut back cravings and help with pain. He prescribed me a narcotic to hold back withdrawal symptoms, however he did not enjoy doing this. I praise him for making the right calls even if he didn't emotionally agree with it. I like the fact that he is willing to talk and that he calls to check up on me. He gets**** done very quickly, he makes referrals right in front of you. He has a huge respect for your time. Other than that, he is probably an average doctor. He loves to prescribe things though, if he hears you sniffle he will offer allergy medicine and i suppose that is a good thing. He is very against drug use and abuse though. It will do you well to be honest with this doc.

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flag | Submitted July 7, 2009

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