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RID: 5210005
24/02/14 1 1 1 1 I gave the nurse and then MR.Lamb a very clear list of my symptoms and brought with me the medication that is WIDELY known to cause Thrush...I told him that my tongue was very painful and that I was on this medication that is KNOWN to cause thrush...But despite all my research and clear explanation to Mr.Lamb.... his opinion was that I only had a throat infection and so sent me on my way with a script for penicillin...so for seven days the yeast infection thrived as the the prescribed meds did bugger all... I even had to stop brushing my teeth because the Mint in the toothpaste stung my tongue and now 5-6 days later cheeks so bad i cried. I had a appointment with a good Doctor... a specialist in another field, he took one look in my mouth( after I begged him to) and he prescribed the the correct meds to kill the yeast... CAN YOU SAY "Misdiagnosis" Mr Lamb... Next time I get to the emergency room and this clown is the one on duty I will leave and drive to London. You should too!  Respond
RID: 1709731
09/02/12 3 3 1 1 Dr. Lamb was my doctor since birth, and I only regret not having switched earlier. He is dismissive, uncaring, and you have to push him to actually order tests. The only plus to having him as your family doctor is the general ease of getting an appointment.  Respond
RID: 1659224
12/12/11 5 5 5 5 Saw Dr.Lamb today as my regular doctor is away. He came in about 2 minutes after we were in there, probably not even that long. He interacted with my children, and made them feel comfortable before examining them. he told the oldest one jokes to make her laugh and was so gentle with both of them. Great experience. I would definitly see Dr.Lamb as a choice if my doctor wasn't able to see us :)  Respond
RID: 1379123
04/03/11 4 5 4 4 The new office has beeen great!Even the staff has brightened their mood.  Respond
RID: 1302557
28/11/10 5 3 1 3 In the office and the emerg room, the wife and I have found Doc Lamb to be arrogant and down right nasty to his patients.  Respond
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RID: 608106
06/06/08 2 1 1 2 I too, agree with the negative comments that have been made by others at this forum. Dr. Lamb is quite rude and does not give a patient a chance to voice their opinion. He is 'quick draw McGraw' with the prescription pad. Years ago I took my newborn daughter in for a checkup. After checking my daughter he proceeded to chastise me because I didn't deliver my daughter in Tillsonburg, but chose to deliver in London. I chose London because epidurals were available there. Dr. Lamb told me I missed the best experience of my life because I had chosen to have an epidural. My thoughts: when 'he' delivers a baby and can understand labour and childbirth, then we'll talk. Until then, he has no idea. I think he was ticked because he couldn't bill OHIP for a labour a delivery bill. I'm happy to say that I have moved on and he is NO LONGER my general practitioner. I adore my present GP and am very glad I made the choice that I did.  Respond
RID: 568623
17/04/08 5 5 4 4 After reading all of the comments I am amazed at all of the negative comments supposedly referring to this fine doctor. Yes it is true that we sometimes have to wait in the office but at least we don't have to wait months for an appt. as we do for some doctors. I have always found Dr. Lamb to be polite, caring and willing to listen to health problems if they are stated correctly. He will refer to specialists if necessary and his staff always makes sure that his direction is carried out.I find the staff at the Tillsonburg Medical Centre to be efficient and polite as well. It is hard to believe that we are talking about the same place and doctor.  Respond
RID: 512358
12/02/08 2 2 2 3 have seen him for many years and he is quick to write you a script and out the door with you and his staff is not to concered with you or the level of service they give. I have seen doctors out of town in lambs absence and they seem to be more through and concerned with my health than dr lamb not bad guy but has to step up his service. have also herad many complaints from people i know that see him and are trying to go elsewhear.  Respond
RID: 488306
19/01/08 2 1 1 1 In the past I have only seen Dr. Lamb when I could not get in to see my own doctor. Never again. A couple of years ago I was there because of lower back pain and nausea. He basically told me to go home because I had the flu. I have had the flu and this felt nothing like that (which I told him), but he just dismissed it. I suffered almost a week before going back. This time I saw Dr. Dalby. She immediately asked for a urine sample. When the tests came back, she almost seemed a little annoyed that I hadn't come in sooner. I guess I was about a day from being admitted to the hospital with a bladder infection. Dr. Lamb made me feel like I didn't know my own body, or what I was talking about.  Respond
RID: 481627
11/01/08 2 2 2 2 I have been seeing Dr. Lamb for years. He is not very thorough and doesn't take the time to explain things with me. He is absolutley wonderful with my 2 year old daughter, but when it comes to my issues he is rushed and as I said, doesn't take the time to explain things. I continue to see him only because I can't get another doctor.  Respond
RID: 450467
26/11/07 3 1 1 1 I had a cyst on the back of my ear that he had to remove. He was 15 minutes late for the surgery, as soon as he got there he gave me a needle to freeze my ear. He maybe waited a minute and started cutting. I could feel everything, and passed out from the pain. And when i came to, he said to me "next time let us know if you are going to pass out." Then after i was done he quickly stitched it up so he was out of there within 15 minutes. The stitching was poorly done, it was openning in the middle. And it started pussing. So, i would never go back to him!  Respond
RID: 420140
27/09/07 5 5 5 5 Honest and very informative. He takes the time to explain things clearly. Thorough.  Respond
RID: 382193
08/08/07 2 2 2 2 I agree with negative comments that others have made at this site. He's not the greatest doctor - I switched years ago, as I didn't like him then. Yes, the office staff is horrible.  Respond
RID: 369597
19/07/07 3 5 5 5 Very caring doctor. No long waiting times, professional, kind and always willing to listen!  Respond
RID: 348761
19/06/07 2 1 1 He is a terrible doctor. He told my father that he had the flu when he came in with a pounding headache, was throwing up and was very confused. Dr. Lamb told him to go home and 'tough it out'. My mother insisted that my father see his opthamologist because he'd had eye problems and wanted to be sure it wasn't due to his eyes. Dr. Lamb begrudgingly made the appointment with the opthamologist, but made my mother feel it was unnecessary. The opthamologist said it wasn't his eyes and had my father admitted immmediately to University Hospital to have several tests run. It turned out my father had a brain hemmorage as a result of a malignant brain tumour. If my mother had not insisted my father see the opthamologist, Dr. Lamb would have just sent my father home. I would never, ever go to this Dr., he is awful. Mistakes like this should not happen, but do with Dr. Lamb.  Respond
RID: 344833
13/06/07 4 4 4 Dr. Lamb is a very kind doctor who has a great sense of humour. Even on a day when you feel like absolute cr@p he can make you smile, which can help alot. Like any other doctor it usually helps if you are specific with what is wrong with you because a pain in your abdomen can be a million things and tests are very costly(to us as patients and the government=taxes).When you do visit your Dr. maybe it is helpful to remind them of family history because you are 1 of many patients that they have to keep track of & this can help them refress their memory. It is very easy to point fingers & blame others when something goes wrong. As for the staff I am greeted with a smile everytime I walk in to the office and they even remember my name I am not just considered a "Patient" but a person. The patients are the ones who control the ambient and considering majority of the patients that walk in to the office are miserable, sick, or impatient the staffs attitudes are professional and understanding.  Respond
RID: 303229
30/04/07 2 4 4 Have been going to Dr. Lamb for many years; yes he is rushed, but what doctor these days isn't? I find he takes the time to talk but it is a good idea if you have all your questions ready for him. He will take the time to listen if you don't "waste" his time with non-important issues. He's never hesitated to send me for specialist treatment. I like his casual attitude and feel very comfy with him.  Respond
RID: 301678
28/04/07 1 1 1 I would not go back to this doctor if he was the last one on the earth & I was dying. He rushes you; degrades you; does not allow you to explain what is occurring medically & why you require his services; is ignorant when you do try to explain what is going on & what you think it is; is too busy flirting with the unhelpful female staff members in the office so rushes his patients to get back out to the girls etc etc etc. He is not the only ignorant person in that office however. The staff there are horrible. They have now put up a letter taped to the wall stating that no one is to argue or talk nasty to the receptionists or they will be dealt with!!! They only deserve what they get from the patients. I think that Dr.Lamb & his staff are forgetting that is us, the patients, who allow them all to get a pay check each week and if we stop going, their services are no longer required, therefore no pay check. I really do not know anyone who likes Dr.Lamb or the female receptionists there.  Respond
RID: 285290
17/04/07 3 2 2 Appears always rushed. Little time to discuss. Appears to have mind made up and will not accept input from patient.  Respond
RID: 284723
17/04/07 4 4 4 Dr. Lamb has been very helpful to me. He is busy, and is rushed; but always makes sure that my questions are answered.  Respond
RID: 271929
10/04/07 1 5 4 I found dr lamb very helpful and understanding. I think they crame to many people into such a small time slot. It is not his fault.  Respond
RID: 248281
31/03/07 3 1 2 I've been using Dr. Lamb for years, and I must say, I wish there were more in Tillsonburg so I could switch. Several years ago, I when to him in regards to a problem with depression. He simply told me that I was looking for an excuse to do poorly in school. I then went to a Professional and was diagnosed promptly. This is just one problem that me and my immediate family has had. He certainly does seem to like to diagnose pulled muscles. He has definitely misniagnosed a few torn knee ligaments as pulled quads. Other than that, he isn't a bad guy, I just wish that he wasn't so dismissive of his patients. Too bad we can't rate the office staff however, the staff at the Tillsonburg Medical Centre are condescending, unhelpful and down right rude. Especially with the elderly.  Respond
RID: 242059
29/03/07 4 2 3 I know that all doctors are rushed - but the has misdiagnosed 2 people in my immediate family and has been rude and disconcerned with problems that i have brought in. All 5 people in my immediate family have switched doctors and none of us have a single complaint about them. I do not dislike Dr. Lamb but have little respect for him as a doctor.  Respond
RID: 240073
28/03/07 3 2 2 Only seen him a few times with my kids, was never very helpful, doesn't seem to listen, and brushes off concerns. He may be better with his regular patients but for walk in clinic issues we found you might as well take a hour drive to london for better care  Respond
RID: 235729
27/03/07 5 4 4 Sometimes quite rushed but then what doctor isn't.I have been going to him for 5 years and am quite happy with him. He was probably responsible for saving my life a couple of years ago by taking fast action.Some people are never satisfied with a doctor so I take the negative comments with a grain of salt.JWE  Respond
RID: 228424
24/03/07 3 1 2 This doctor is very good with children However myself for 2 years had seen him acouple of times being put off with pulled muscles later ending up in the hospital for full blown crohn's and having to him a mole removed which ended up being skin cancer  Respond
RID: 219211
21/03/07 4 5 4 energetic, and interested. willing to engage you in investigative dialogue to determine your medical needs. Retains knowledge about you medical history, without having to read your entire file to refresh his memory.  Respond
RID: 218932
21/03/07 4 5 5 I LaVerne Rice have been a patient of Dr. Lamb since he came to Town. I am now 69,,what more can I say about this excellent Doctor. He is always friendly and to the point with suggestions. I gave him a four out of five for punctuality as I am not the only person in his practice, and understand that all Ontario Doctors are heavily burdened with patients.  Respond
RID: 197393
14/03/07 4 4 4 Tell me what doctor isn't rushed that you don't have to wait 2 hours on average to see....So some complain he seems rushed and others complain they have to wait. I wouldn't have anyone else as our family physician. My children like him and he is very good with them. I think everyone is looking for something different in a family physician the key is finding the right one for you. In my case Dr. Lamb is the one.  Respond
RID: 196300
14/03/07 3 1 2 Misdiagnosed my wife's gallbladder problem as a pulled muscle. She came into the emergency room because of troubles breathing and severe pain in her abdomen. He diagnosed a pulled muscle and told her to go home and rest. Her family has a history of gallbladder problems, which he knows as he was the family doctor. To the first poster regarding the untimely cancer diagnosis, that's certainly not the first time I've heard that about this doctor, but what I've heard has no real factual evidence of such. I'm pleased to report that he is no longer our family doctor.  Respond
RID: 191692
13/03/07 3 1 2 Doesn't like to listen to you, and I know a few people already who have died from cancer because he didn't send them for tests early enough.  Respond
RID: 186198
12/03/07 3 2 3 On a Thursday, I had a very sore throat with a head cold & my regular Dr. was on vacation. I couldn't see anyone @ my regular medical center until the following Tuesday. I tried to tough it out, but ended up going to the emergency room on the Saturday evening. This was my first & last visit with Dr. Lamb. I indicated to him that I has no perscription insurance & my regular Dr. normally perscribes amoxacillan for infections because it is affordable. Dr. Lamb proceeds to perscribe very expensive antibiotics & a nasal spray(the bill total was over $110). I was desperate so I had the perscription filled. The nasal spray did actually help out a lot for my congestion, but I was nearly broke after. 
Paid (or co-pay): $11000
RID: 177917
08/03/07 3 4 5 Arent all Doctors a little behind? I think he has a good bedside manner, but I get frustrated when I want a referral and he always prescribes me nasal spray! Other than that, he is always helpful, and keeps my son and I well.  Respond
RID: 165946
02/03/07 3 4 4 overall in this time of shortage of time and Doctors .......I feel he does the best he can do..........always concered about my health and what is going on in my life....thanks to him for that.....  Respond
RID: 162288
28/02/07 2 4 3 Dr. Lamb appears to be busy and rushed when I go in to see him. He is hardly ever on time with my appointments and I have to wait from 45 min. to one hour most of the time.  Respond
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