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Dr. Baylor's staff is great. In a clinic where so many people are suffering, they are always quick with a welcome and a smile. Dr. Baylor can be "iffy" on punctuality, but the times he's been delayed, I've heard enough of the hallway conversation to know it was because addicts/drug seekers doing things that require police involvement. I can't really blame Dr. B for that. As far as care, if you do what you're supposed to do, then Dr. Baylor will back you up 200%, but if you're the type that just wants to whine, without taking positive steps to improve what you can, you probably won't like him very much because he won't support that behavior. His PA's are awesome, but the exact same thing applies to them. Dr. B (and PAs) are honest, sometimes to the point of being a bit blunt, but they have the knowledge to back up their statements so if something seems blunt, it's honesty showing. I like that I can count on hearing what I NEED to hear, not just going and getting a pat on the head.

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